Monday, July 4, 2011

Back-break !!

Woot woot!! Studying hard.. cewahh !! Oke, now im at IMAC ROOM ..yess, at taiping.. huhu.. eksaited kowt saye.. hehe.. well, now my studies are doing well, i think.. LOL :P anyways, i miss home.. idk why, but i wanna go home.. this weekend maybe i'll go to Nedy's house.. in ipoh !! i know that i just went home last week but tyme flies super duper slow this week.. huhu..

Oke, tutup cite tu.. ape nieyh Tila, da besau pown still homesick lagi.. haha.. x pe la kan kan kan.. skali skale ape salahnye.. hehe.. last week , there was LARIAN SERENTAK 1MURID 1 SUKAN 1MALAYSIA at pdg esplanade.. pehh.. there's soooooo many people there.. huhu.. but gain experience.. msk Malaysia's book of records doe.. for the largest participants of school students in a run.. huhu.. so pround to be apart of it !! hehe.. then, that nyte ade LADIES NIGHT plak.. huhu.. sume gorgeous2 blaka !! huhu.. pictures will be uploade soon.. very2 soon ( maknenye tyme balek umah laaaa .. SOB SOB)

k lahh, nk log outt la.. nnty takot x dpt sign out.. da la internet slow nk mampus.. k, miss ya bloggie !! later..