Friday, March 18, 2011

AaaaaaRrrrrGgggHhh !!


why ?? sob sob !!



bang bang !!

I wanna go here !!
Yesterday, i went to the Curve with my beloved parentz n my sistas !! We were supposed to buy our school stuff but my dad said that we should put that off for a while. So , we decided to go window shopping. I wanted to bowl coz i've been longing to bowl at a proper place since i play bowling in taiping. That place needs a serious makeover. But, we havent got enuff tyme. My sistas and I watched RANGO !! well, just becoz it's the #1 movie on E-NEWS. we wanna check it whether it's that worth it. And it kinda not bad. Then after we watched Rango, we met mom & dad at AYAM PENYET !! I ate like a machine !! I was unbearably hungry at that time.. anyways, after that  we went to BORDERS, get some stuff ( i got I AM NUMBER FOUR , n i should coz apparently im the only one who havent watch that movie yet.. Thanx to them ) and then, we watch BEASTLY.. that modern time beauty & the beast !! After that movie and a long way back home.. Okay i lied, a -not-so-long-way-back home.. Adlina and i watche BOYS OVER FLOWERS until dawn !! yess.. we didnt sleep.. we became ADDICTED to watch more & more of that story.. damn !! but i like so yi jung !! he's cute <3 and jun pyo is not as bad as well.. haha.. ( im babling )



Tuesday, March 15, 2011

neeno neeno !!

Yes yes yes !! This is perfect.. ryte ? :)



Finally, folio BM aq siap after hours & hours bersusah payah.. tp actually x siap completely lgi.. Contoh ayat x bwat lagi.. merepek je nk suro aq bwat ayat !! Pfft .. but anyways, i want to congratulate myself sbb berjaya habeskan.. haha.. atleast siap la jugak.. nmpk la jugak bentuk folio tu, instead of hamprakk pown taakk ryte :)

Bkk cite laen,

U know what, i'm so so so so so so glad that you remember..



Monday, March 14, 2011

pReSsUrE !!


i envy those who finished it .. urgghh : (



Sunday, March 13, 2011

Listen here !!

Yes, i'm missing you ahlot !! but my situation is very complicated ryte now !! where were u when i needed u?? yess u were there but not everytime ryte ?? but thats oke, i understand u very much !! i know u're still care for me , i know that !! but now please dont be mad at me.. im not the one who started it !! im in the middle of confusion here !! help me !! im in BELLA'S situation in the TWILIGHT saga.. lorh !!

***, dont think about it okay.. dont get me wrong ..im not that type of girl.. believe me.. that's all u need.. TRUST !! and i TRUST you too.. about that kiddo, it's nothing.. he's my brother waayyy before your mine.. no pressure okay..  and about that someone, eventhought u r not going to read this, pliz , i hope that u alwayz know that SARANGHAE !! J'TADORE !! yess,, no other okay.. he's like my BFF okayh !!

***** , U know ryte.. so pliz dont have your hopes too high !!  yes, i like being friends with u , and yes i sometimes treat you they way i shouldnt, and im sorry about that.. trully i am !! you know that its always him !!

me love you<3

credits ! credits ! credits !

My credits sng je abes !! Like the river flow.. haha.. Hey youyou !! Thanx for being there for me ..  (I want to show my gratitude LOL) )  but please.. dont pressure me okeyh !!

p/s : currently in a complicated situation !!






Saturday, March 12, 2011





Hey Awk , kamoo, you !!

i wish i could turn back the time ..




After one slow-and-not-so-steady month,  huhu.. i did it !!

Adapting to new life and ambience is not that hard.. if u know what to do.. but, i feel there are things missing in my life.. well, i sometimes get schoolsick and friendsick all of a sudden,, but then i think that, why should i become like that.. it's not that i should just forget bout it but, try not to take it very seriously.. this is my life now and u take control of it !! well, since im all fingers on my lappy ryte now, im going to tell about MJSC TAIPING !! haha.. * intro x leh blah an3 *
well, at first i though.. "WOW, THIS IS NEW " yeah, its a bit different from Terendak, yeah, what do you expect?? x kan la nk sebijik2 mcm tdk, baek x yah pindah an?? Pagi tu punye la ramai yg da smpi.. so kete park kete jaoh gile !! msk je gate , ade senior yg greet kitorg.. then dyorg bgtawu register kat mane, then kene bwat ape and all that.. bile da settle everything, sesi mengangkut barang bermule.. Ya Allah, penatt gile ahh tyme tu.. da la jaoh.. naek tangga lagi.. then bilik * tp kat taiping pggl cube * BLAKANG !! pehh.. mcm ape je.. aq rase mmg takdir aq duduk kat blakang2 la.. kat block J mase form1 n form2 dulu bilik kat blakang, then naek tyme KIKS, ddk block E , kat blakang gak.. tgk2 dtg taiping.. naseb aq same je.. tp up sket la bilik second last..

Then, first two weeks x blaja.. ye la.. br masuk la katekan.. haha.. first week tu ORIENTATION WEEK !! mcm2 la bwat tyme tu.. knal2 ngan homeroom, class, senior.. Sumpah aq terkejut gler , banyak kowt homeroom n class.. homeroom ade 30 !! pastu satu batch 15 class.. batch aq ade dlm 400 org kowt *setelah di-round off kan * ssh la sket nk knal yg mane senior n yg mane member sendiri.. nased baek ade khidmat nametag !! haha.. mostly bdk ex- MRSM.. only a few je yg ex- KEMEN.. aq homeroom KIND *haha, kind la sgt an* and class 411 *along with hr KEEN !! gempak kowt class aq !! hehe.. promo class.. not bad la gak dyorg sume.. kat class aq, aq sorg je ex TERENDAK.. tp x pe la.. bole knal org2 br an.. then second week tu ade ACTIVITY WEEK plak.. best la gak.. huhu.. ade mcm2 activity yg ade.. drama la, ape la.. tp mmg gempak coz dyorg asyik2 blaja je an.. mmg release tension habes ahh..

but sepanjang sebulan *rase mcm setahun kowt* ade kat taiping, ape yg aq dpt conclude kan :
1) slalu hujan , ye la kat ngan Bkt Larut.. but, ssh sket la nk basuh bj
2) Penyakit batuk n selsema berleluase.. hehe
3) Mkn x best.. sbb DS x siap lagi !!
4) Aq ngan yg laen asyik bwat comparison je..
5) Bdk batch aq gile !! haha
6) BRIEFING !! SUXX !! huhu
7) penat penat penat !!
8) homework x leh nk byk lagi la..
9) amirul aniq b mohd fauzi hotstuff !! *jelez*
10) bdk tdk "popular" doe.. ish !!
11) homeroom aq ade yg active n ade yg passive
12) aq rase aq bising doe kat sana..
13) aq friendsick !!
14) koop sgt penting .. 
15) Outing oke la gak..
16) nak maen bowling x best !!
17) aq asyik mkn je.. slalu lapar .. alasan : sejuk, perlukan haba !! haha

tu je kowt yg aq bole pikir skrg nieyh .. nnty aq upload gmbr.. coz naek skola nnty aq bwk baby canon aq  !! haha.. mmg la aq class laen2 ngan dyorg sume, but kitorg still close lg.. sktg nieyh kitorg maen CLIQUE2 lagi.. x bersedia nk seperate.. geng aq nedy, hana, farah ad n haha !! ngan yg laen tu still baek lagi.. kate ex tdk an.. ngan 3 bdk teruna tu pown same.. haha..

aq tawu aq kene strong duk kat situ.. huhu.. sob sob !! aq cube la.. 


Friday, March 11, 2011

Shout Outs !!


after a challenging month at my new school , mjsc taiping !! huhu.. im not feeling like telling bout it..  YET !! but i will.. now i wanna get some rest !!