Friday, December 31, 2010

LOL !!


I think it looks better in numbers ..





HELLO 2011 !!

It's exactly 12.00 am !!





OMG !! Today's the last day of two-thousand-ten .. jeez, i wish it will last longer . but what the hell am i talking about ?? who can stop time from flying extra fast !! It has been a wonderful yet miserabe year . But all i can say is ev'rything that happened is memories that i cherish & i can bring that througout my life . This year , i've gain so many precious moments , now all i hv to do is spread the love to the world !! Haha.. Despite that, because it's NEW YEAR'S EVE .. i think it's about time to renew or remake my RESOLUTION !! Coz some things i actually achieved . Yay for me !! hehe well , here are some things that i want to do in 


1) Be a better person . To everyone & everything .
2) Will not complain & whining about everything that happen to me. coz i know that everything happens for a reason
3) Be optimistic & a positive thinker of life
4) Dress my way & my style
5) Be strong & tough.. no more crying
6) Laugh out loud & have fun
7) Work hardER & smartER
8) Make people around me & myself proud
9) Be a nice & one-and-only friend
10) Hurt no one's feelings

so, maybe that's it !! Hope that i can accomplish this resolution.. i know i can !! 


Thursday, December 23, 2010

It All Paid Off !!

After quite some time working hard and get the pain in the back, it all paid off this morning.
Around 11.00 am .. PMR results were in !! Yeah, all of us were nervous.. Cuak man !! Cuak !! We were mumbling & tumbling , we had butterflies in our bellies, we had tummy ache, and we felt like we want to make "appointments" with the toilet.. We cant sleep well, cant eat properly.. Some of us had different bad dreams.. U know the ones that say that u wont get straight a's etc etc.. Anyways, after a while.. The results were place on THE BOARD , all of us were like piranhas (even the parents) .. We all just barged to the guy who place the results.. i could probably tell that he cant breathe.. We all were.. Just then, he took back the result (dah tension sgt kowt, dah kene serbu cmtu) at the time that i was leading the curious packs!! What i really meant was that i get to  the front !! What a waste of energy !! But then, after a few while (thinking of what might happen to the result) the resullt was placed.. For real !! And this time, i actually did see my result !! hehe.. I was over the moon.. No, i was over pluto ( hey, is that the farthest planet or what? ) hehe.. whatever la.. The thing is.. it was fun.. I was having the best time of my life, meeting with my pals as i missed them so much lately.. and i still am !! So, i get congrats from my relatives & friends which is one of the most greatest feeling in the whole wide universe !! hehe.. and because of that, im going to say this :


and to those who get 
or straight A's ..




Monday, December 20, 2010

Anxiety !!

GOSH !! Just a couple of days , a few hours , a few minutes, just countable seconds.. Now it's countdown till result .. What will i get?? Good result or just the opposite of it?? Huhu.. That's too much of a burden.. In just a few moments, my life will be lay out in front of me, and on that time, my results will show and bring my feet to the path that was my destiny and meant to be !!  Now, im hoping for the best , praying to god , and keep my fingers crossed !!  Gee, im dying of just thinking 'bout it..

 WILL GET 8A'S IN PMR 2010 !!



Finally ,, this series is over... A HAPPY ENDING !! I started watching this drama since this vacayy .. And i like watching it ever since .. And finally today , (20th Dec) it's finished.. This is an indonesian drama series.. The main actors are NIA RAMADHANI && RANDY PANGALILA .. they are super cute together.. Yeah, sometimes i got mad & crazy just by watching this drama .. My sister and i were like screaming and shouting , cursing in front of the tv.. Yup , we did !! We're so like a maniac.. One time, when we were mad at RAKA ( a character of the drama ) we made a rap & beatbox spontaniously, just for him.. to show how much we hated him.. haha.. we enjoyed it, then repent !! hehe.. Anyways, i enjoyed watching it !! Thankz MD Entertainment !!



Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hehe !! Haha !! Hihi !!

I know it's yesterday ( 14th DEC ) but im gonna pretend that yesterday is today !! okay, here it goes...

OMG ! you're TWENTYONE now !!




remember me?

Guys, u know what !! this holiday's cool and awesome.. but i really kinda start missing you guys.. really.. i miss all the times we hang out in our rooms, we go to cafe together, go to school,prep,mastery learning, teres together.. yes sometimes we fight but i think that's simply streghten our bonds.. huhu.. is it pathetic that i miss u guys??



Thursday, December 9, 2010


he's nineteen today :)



Wednesday, December 8, 2010

From Me To You !!

Look, im SORRY okay.. eventhough i actually don't know if it was me who did it.. and i know that it wasnt me.. so get real okay.. this is so frustrating.. i'm tired of people pretending in my face.. i know that things goes around and comes back right to our butt .. but maybe it's because of your own behaviour and attitude.. i know that some may think the same of me, but cant you tell me??? okay, if u dont want to then cant u atleast try.. i know some of u did.. and i totally appreciate it.. thanx.. i know i may not be the most perfect person,, but one thing, NO ONE FREAKINGLY CARES !! coz i know that no one's perfect.. we've heard it for a million, zillion, trillion times.. so, keep that in mind freak !! accept me and dont change me ( except if it's for my own good.. i may accept that ) hey, im open-minded la.. to those who i've their feelings before whether it's accidently or on purpose.. Im SORRY.. REALLY TRULLY SORRY.. im trying to be a better person this whole new year.. trying to forget bad things and start over a new clean canvas !! so, please forgive me..  but to those who hurt MY feelings.. i'll pray for you.. may you'll be cherished in every moment.. but i'll forgive you if you're willing to forgive me :)  so, i hope that u realise it okay..



Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm OBSESSED !! please help..

I've been introduce by my beloved sis of an awesome korean group called SHINEE !! yeah, they're SUPERBLY and SICKING cool !! They're a TRIPLE-THREAT  if u ask me.. they sing, they dance and they have the cutest and gorgeous features..

these are the SHINEE group members:
 * LEE JINKI aka ONEW = lead vocal , leader
 * KIM JONGHYUN aka JONGHYUN = lead vocal
 * CHOI MINHO aka MINHO = rapper , sub vocal
 * KIM KIBUM aka KEY = rapper , sub vocal
 * LEE TAEMIN aka TAEMIN = sub vocal , lead dancer

each of them has his own special features that grabs attention . And i say, that they're cute !! TAEMIN , MINHO, KEY  has like a baby-face while JONGHYUN has the bad boy look and call Macho !! and for ONEW his handsome and sometimes cute !!

the list of songs that i like:

certain songs they have MV which is cool... their dancing is so damn cool.. i envy them.. i wish to learn all their moves..

usually, when there's a group or a band or whatever, we usually "pick" our favourite.. for instane, the JONAS BROTHERS !! I choose NICK & JOE !! They're hot plus cute.. haha :)  well, same as SHINEE, my favourite is MINHO . . And also JONGHYUN ..
Isnt he gorgeous??

The first song that i listened from them is AMIGO and RING DING DONG.. but i fell in love with LUCIFER !! I think right now is the best song on the planet :)  am i overreacting??  well, i should coz they're just AWESOME & COOL !! ME LOVE SHINEE !! They are the second korean group that i actually know after SNDS.. pathetic?? no just unexposed !! hehe..

owh just fyi, MINHO is an item with SNDS member KWON YURI or they call her YURI .. aww, and they look sooooo good together.. they're both cute !! awww... i just cant get enuff of them... huhu..




Blood-thirst !!

                                           -edward cullen
6th DEC 2010 , Monday , 2210 pm

I think EDWARD CULLEN  hot hot  hot !! Damn.. haha.. yeah, im watching TWILIGHT right now.. with my sisters & my cousins.. we're sleeping over at  Akalil's !! Haha.. we just like:

( Me and Dina screams )


Dina says, "HUHU.. HOT SEYH !!" ( then we screamed again )

huhu.. well yeah.. and then we were like

 me ," JACOB HENSEM but HIS HAIR. OMG !! "

then ina said : " HA'AH... RMBT PNJG DYE BUROKK !!"

and we all agree on that !!
haha u know what i mean !! i love this movie.. it's like MODERN ROMEO & JULIET

but then.. for the record, JACOB ! I LOVEEEEEEE IT in NEW MOON+ECLIPSE+BREAKING DAWN ( upcoming ) but whatever happens... EDWARD IS STILL HOT HOT HOT !! Did i make that clear?? haha :) ntah papeje .. all of a sudden this 
just get out of controlled in myself and it fills my veins.. again !! haha :) okayy.. enuff.. for now !! hehe


EdWaRd CuLlEn + BeLlA sWaN



Sunday, December 5, 2010

OMG I Love The Cinemas !!

Yeah, it's December alright and im having a wondeful time.. So far so great.. And on this early month, i've watched 2 blockbuster movies.. And it was awesome !!

2nd Dec 10 , GSC Midvalley , 3D
This movie is great , aww EDMUND is GORGEOUS !! haha that's the first thing i'm actually saying about :) well, of course there's LUCY & CASPIAN.. and also a new character EUSTACE.. it's kinda sad not to see PETER & SUSAN as much as it used to be.. huhu :( but u see, its interesting to see this movie coz there's action and fantasy... and the graphics are amazing !! It look so real..

4th Dec 10 , TGV Mines , 2D
A couple days later , i was overnighting at MINES when my mum suggested to watch RAPUNZEL coz my dear little sister , Afrina was dying to watch that.. She's been saying it like forever.. So, we watched it.. But only the four of us though , it's like sister's night out.. My dad watched WARRIOR WAY while my mom had trouble of getting away from "trouble" haha.. Anyway, this movie is hillariously amusing !! All the audience LOL !! And i believe the audience is the people of every age.. This movie is superb.. I tottaly LMFAO !! seriously, i cant stop laughing :)



Wednesday, December 1, 2010




hope it's gonna be a happy-and-not-so-boring MONTH !!



Sunday, November 28, 2010

My World Experience

Last Saturday , mum, ateh, fauzan, faiz, adlina, amalia, afrina & me went to SUNWAY PYRAMID . But before that, we went to the ROYAL PALACE !! huge lorh :) anyway ,  we decided to go ICE SKATING !! at first, i felt nervous coz it's totally my first time EVER to go skating , i even never roller skate yet ice skate !!

Gosh, it was huge . I looked at everyone else there, and they walk (on solid ground) flawlessly and effortless . I say to adlina " How does they do that?? They walk like it's nothing. Gosh ! I'm nervous lahh" And she agrees with me. Then mum said that there's always a first time in everything !! Yeah, i totally agree with that and i thought that ice skating is like riding a bike or playing skateboard and stuff.

Then, after get the pass, we start skating at 8.30 pm . It's very slippery and i was like a toddler that's learning to walk. I was holding the edge all the time & i cant barely walk . After some time, i tried letting go the edge and start to skate slowly. But guess what, amalia skate effortless and it's her first time too. Damn how did she do that !! huhu..

After a while, i had my first fall but it's not a hard fall though. But FYI i fell twice ! hehe :D  Adlina fell 6 times.. Wow !! Did i mention some of the fall are on her bumps !! haha.. anyways, around 10 pm. the ice range were about to close, we all made our way back home. OMG !! at that time, we all had SORE FEET !! yup, duhh what do we expect?? it's our first time, and we supposed to have sore feet !! huh, but above it all..... 



Thursday, November 25, 2010

R.I.N.G !!

I wish these beautiful words can spill right through my lips. But unfortunately, being me is hard coz im not the kind of girl that can say these kind of words easily & flawlessly to someone ( except my family of course, i can say I LOVE YOU for a hundred times ) , well u know what i mean.. hey, i'm imperfect honey :) but i've mustered all my courage ; so here i wanna say,




Smiley :)



Monday, November 22, 2010

EPL 2010 - 2011

GO ! GO ! GO !




I never thought I would
But I did it
I never thought I could
I did it like that
I did it like this
I did like everybody knows
That we
Got something real, shawty
I know what I feel
So shout it like that
Shout it like this
Listen up everybody knows
But you
Here it goes

'Cause I never really noticed
It took awhile for me to see
I'm playing back the moments
Now, I'm starting to believe
That you could be in the show
And know everyone
But you who makes me sing
And I know where we are
I know who I am
Baby, I'm your biggest fan

Every time you smile for me
Takes me awhile
To bring myself back
'Cause you're all that
And I just had to let you know
That I'm
Screaming out in the crowd
For ya
I can't be too loud
But I don't care
I let them all stare
I just want everyone to know the truth
It's only you

'Cause I never really noticed
It took awhile for me to see
I'm playing back the moments
Now, I'm starting to believe
That you could be in the show
And know everyone
But you who makes me sing
And I know where we are
I know who I am
Baby, I'm your biggest fan

Showed up, and you look so classy
Made me think twice about the way I was acting
You were real from the start of it all
Like a dream came to life
Now, I'm left in all

Stars shine, but your light is the brightest
And love flies, but your love is the highest
You're so sweet that it drives me crazy
A summer like no other
You're my LA baby

No, I never really noticed
It took awhile for me to see
I'm playing back the moments
And I'm starting to believe
That you could be in the show
And know everyone
But you who makes me sing
And I know where we are
I know who I am
Baby, I'm your biggest fan
Baby, I'm your biggest fan

That you could be in the show
And know everyone
But you who makes me sing
And I know where we are
I know who I am
Baby, I'm your biggest fan

this song is cutee :) seriously, just listen to the song.. btw, it's kinda like INTRODUCING ME ( which i LOVEE it !! ) coz nick sang this for macy ( in JONAS LA ) like usual ; playing guitar !! the vidoe is actually the short version.. but i hv the full lyrics here..


M.O.V.I.E ??

this is the movie i watched !!

eighteenth - eleven - oh ten !!
moi family & me went to MIDVALLEY MEGAMALL to watch a new movie ; 

i think it's a cool movie ;  but i kinda confused a little.. the movie's kinda mixed up in my head as i practically forgot what happened in the other movies ( i mean HP 1 - 6 ) but not everything.. just a lil bit jingled-up a bit.
but no worries, i bought a DVD of Harry Potter ; the socerer's stone , the chamber of secrets & the half-blooded prince..
as i already have the others.. so there, we completed our collection.
Of course it's the original ones,, no piracy !! It doesnt look good on a collection !!
so. we're doing this MOVIE MARATHON thingy.. i mean watch all 6 movies, 2 days in a row !! yeah, so this time, i wont attempt to CONFUSE again !! hehe :)
my secret to success !! bla bla bla..



Sunday, November 21, 2010


attention to all
SIJIL PELAJARAN MALAYSIA 2010 candidates of the country ; especially the form fives of  MJSC Terendak :




Sunday, November 14, 2010


venue = iekyn's place !!

going to WW with my pals !!  im going with iekyn, eleen , ara , aina && bella !! We're gonna hv so much fun !!

Watch out Wangsa Walk !! Coz here we come !!



Thursday, November 11, 2010

New URL :)

this is my new blog URL :

credits to NAA !!

thank you
terima kasih
arigato  :)



Monday, November 8, 2010


These are my besties.. Try to love them as much as i do... I bet u cant, coz i love them so damn effing much !! They are my knife and fork , my light in the dark , the tune & lyrics of my song ,  my soap and shampoo .. senang citerrr... they are my everything ..

She's my colour . Without her, my life would SUCKK !! haha :D we've been bestfriends for 3 miserable yet fantastic years . When we're in form 1 n 2 ,  we were very close, superbly close as we're in the same class n dorm.. Her room is like my second room.. hehe.. She always be there for me eventhough she's a little far from me.. But our friendship is still a bond !! She have the same interest with me..  ABOUT BOYS?? ask us.. hehe..She's truly a wonderful friend i had !! Love you darling !!

This girl is my craziest friend !! She's outspoken and just funny,, everything she did will burst your heart out,, laughing.. Now, her room is like my third room (for the pass 2 years,, this year it's my second room !!).. haha.. seriously,, She's my classmate for 3 years and she's also my homeroon She always brightens up my day.. Thanks !! Every year we are getting closer and closer.. This year ,, we're dormmates !! How wonderful !! She always see things clearly and ofc better than i did.. Btw, did i tell u she's a great counselor?? Haha.. iekyn, if ur reading this.. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH !! YES,, U ARE A GREAT COUNSELOR !! Love you baby!!

We started to hang out last year right?? Yeah, it was wild.. Knowing you is like knowing a new point of horizon to persue .. You make me realise a whole new perspective of life :) We did lots of great things together.. You always make me laugh and smile ;) Thank you so much !! I wont forget about all of our fun activities !! Im wishing you all the best in life !! I know you didnt like it when i told you i like someone ( you know who ) but, i guess i know why .. Eventhough im paticullary horrid, but, u love me anyway.. hehe.. During the MIGTY programme, working with you is amazing and memorable !! Love you too babe !!

ARA !!
This girl makes me LOL all the time with her funny-and-cute-but-kindaweird movements and attitudes or whatever.. she maybe looks delicate, but she'e strong inside.. more like me.. haha.. jk !! she is our access to everything ( canteen espeacially ) haha.. only we know why.. She's crazy !! but i love her.. She's shares almost everything with me .. and she is someone that i know i can trust !! Ara,, luv u honey !!

This cute & petite girl you better watch out with !! Her mouth is ZZZZAAAASSS !! like hell..haha .. mencarut je keje..haha..but thats okay darl :) She's very noisy.. haha.. yes.. but she is a wonderful friend.. want to do bad things, ask her for help.. haha.. she's the dark side of our group (FSB++) but with a noble heart !! Niena, i wont find another friend like you !!  Sayang ko gile2 !! haha

MYD !!
Eventhough we arent very close like you and eleen,iekyn and niena... but without you, it wouldnt be right.. you alwayz makes me laughing out loud with your stories and all the things you do.. Although u treat me "nicely" .. but, you're good !! And im very flattered when you gave me duit raye whereas i didnt .. OMG !! it touches me because you gave me and intan that money eventhough we know that we arent so close to you.. whatever happens,, MYD !! Sayang ko !! We all do !!

AMI !!
You are the best classmate ever !! Yeah, i know i did things to you.. I do owe you an apology,, wait.. i did apologised to you before right?? anyway, i still want to apologise of what i did that MIGHT hurt your feelings.. but i was just joking around with you like you did to me.. haha.. it's been fun knowing you and joking around with you !! LOL sayang ko jugak !! Thnx after all the help u gave me this year.. and just so you know, it's been really amazing being fiends with you !!

BOB !!
It was fun having you around !! Remember the last day of school?? We took CRAZY pics right??haha.. Just love that moment !! It was wild.. I know it's kinda little late hanging out with you, but it was terrificly marvelous !!

for the record, to all my friends ; my roomate AIMI, my ex-roommate DEYNA , my MIGTY groupmembers EMAN,TOYAK,IKHWAN,SHAQIR,ELEEN,LEIA,MIRA,MIRRAH,AKHMA,FIFI, to my MASTERYLEARNINGgroup; intanzureen, ikamafia, zila, zate, anisizati block J members, classmates and homeroomates !! and of course my batch !! the SILVER SAVIOURS !!  I LOVE YOU GUYS !! 
i want to type all names but, it's too much.. but i wont forget you guys !!
keep in touch !!




Sunday, November 7, 2010


well , one word that i can say about my life in MJSC Terendak ( MARA Junior Science College Terendak , Melaka if u dunno ) ...........
 C.R.A.Z.Y !!

C = Complicated and heart-breaking !! Went through ups and downs of life !!
R= Restless and tiring days to fight for our mission !! 100% straight A's
A= A wonderful & precious moment spent with beloved friends and foes.. okay, i dont hv any foes :)
Z= Zillion laughter ,  Trillion tears throughout these 3 years of studying in Terendak !! Memories
     that i could forget even if i wanted to..
Y= Youth time !! I get to be good.. and i get to be bad !! hehe.. you know.. normal stuff !! LOL :)

well, im gonna miss my days at terendak as a lower form student.. spending the times talking,gossiping, laughing,crying,fighting,studying and taking exams with my friends !! 25th BATCH , SILVER SAVIOURS !! LOVE YOU ALL !!

After all we've been throught , i believe that something great will be on our side !! Let's not stop praying for our success and others..  Aminnnn... 



Saturday, October 16, 2010


hello there ,  im finally can online now after the hours of misery , well actually it aint miserable at all.. just wanna make it a hiperbola and such.. hehe.. well,, what happened today is soo shoulooo much but nothing interesting.. hmm i'll write about something else probably :)


to : my one and only,

you who's right and who's wrong.. b'coz u WONT read this.. i shall write my heart out.. okay, we BOTH should be blamed, but why are u putting the burdens on my shoulders?? it's hard ya know.. it's our fault and dont get carried away by your unstable emotions and make decisions without thinking crystal-clear. Babe, i wish u could hear what's in my mind.. pfft.. later.. that's all for now !!

Friday, October 15, 2010


My darlings !! Who are they ??  Yup, it's them !! The ones that makes my life easier, brighter, happier and colourful !! Without them, my life would be dark and dull with only black and whites !! Yeah they have their own style and they can be very supportive.. They could motivate you to become a better person in a way.. They can make me smile and laugh again when im down and hurt !! I love the so damn effing much !!

Aq sayang koramg sangat2!! These three years had been wild!! We face the ups and down together !! Hope we will still be BFFs eventhough we are seperated ( PKP or whatever ).. These are my BFFs !!

IEKYN = thank u atas sume counseling ko!! haha
ELEEN =  walaupun ko da duduk blok laen,, ko tetap di hati aq.. ce wahh !!
INTAN =  it was fun doing stuff together in this 2 years as aq start rapat ngan ko mase form2
ARA = ko slalu bwat aq gelak gler2!! haha.. thnx.. sayang ko <3
NIENA = ko antara yg paling bising dalam geng kite !! haha..

They are my balloons that i tie tightly to my heart so they wont fly out off my life.. Thank you guys !!
WITH LOVE from thielahisham



Yeah.. thank God im finally home from school !! After that frustrating UKKM test that's errupting my brain with the maths science and personality quizes , it feels so good to blog and inline again.. i feel much alive.. hehe.. Anyways !! now, im totally passionately and truly free from the deathfacing exan ; PMR !! yeay !! i think it went well for some subjects..




Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the things you need..

well , for you,, you just need (appearance)

first look :

you need to be perfect ( a must ), wear a white tee, skinny jeans and a pair of cool sneaks !! yup totally perfect for someone like you babe !!

second look :

you as perfect as usual , wears a checkered top, jeans and sneaks , shade and cool necklace !!

third look :

plain white tee , with black leather jacket shades, jeans  !! HOT HOT !!

forth :

umm... anything you wear is perfect !!

 p/s : i just love seeing guyz wearing this !! LOL ( owh, i love checkered top so damn much. Did i mention that)



Saturday, June 5, 2010

WHO ?? ME ??

it's been a long time since the last blog ..  well , all this while i've been studying like crazy (PMR PMR PMR !!) urgh.. so frustrating !! Cant wait for it to end ( in less tha 3 months ) Gosh !! CUAK CUAK CUAK !!

final semester examination is over !! Jawab ntah pape jea .  Now im just waiting for my result , hoping for the best coz i did my best eventhough i did ntdid the best that i did the best when i did the best before . haha . just ignore me . bla bla bla .

seriously .  im damn BORED right now !!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Masquerade Night

On 21st February, during activity week of mjcs Terendak, a masquerade night was held. It was okay.. not that bad !! Okey, It's a 'GIRLS ONLY' party because it was 'HARI PUTERI' which means it for GIRLS and girls only !! All of us wear something unusual that night. Some wear dresses, gowns, jubah and many more.. An d all of us had to wear MASK !! (duh, it's a masquerade !! what do u expect !)

then , there's PRINCESS IDOL where anyone who wants to participate is welcomed. They get to sing!! yup, it's like a singing competiton lahh.. anyways.. i took lots of pictures (of course) so, i wanna share some of them..



Monday, March 15, 2010


He's mine ! Totally 100% effing mine !! He's definately in MY list !! Actually me and my sister's list.. I've mentioned about it in other blog ( cody longo) check it out !!! Yup, totally, in that list !! 

isn't he just a cutie???

He acted as PERCY JACKSON in Percy Jackson and the lightning thief.. I've watched it like three times... and counting.. It's an awesome movie.. FANTASY AND ACTION combined..



Sunday, March 14, 2010

blah blah blah

Already listen to the latest JB's song ?? It's called BABY !! Lague tue best gler tahap doe !! sumpa.. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  SWEET !! And the MV ,, da bomb... he's HOTT in his MV !! seriously, im not kiddin'.. to whoever who didnt watch it yet. please.. dont be too lazy to just click on YOUTUBE or whatever.. be a little diligent please.. urgh !!

Another song is TODAY WAS A FAIRYTALE by TS..  this is another sweet song.. i love itt !! It's in VALENTINE'S DAY !! i just love the lyrics.. it speaks to me.. and the song's just wonderful.



Saturday, February 6, 2010


hurmmm... lagi semingguu lagi nk balekkk....hurm,.. kekdg terasa cpt,, kkgd terasa lame gile... hurm... terpaksa sabar je lahh.. huhu,, da la cuti 5 hari jerr,,, x pe la,, jnji balek,. hehe.. hurm...

now, tgh pressure dgn study, br first month, hw mcm setaon jer... pehh.. x leh relax langsung,, hurm.. dugaan..
x pe da.. demi 051010..


tu je la...

msl nk type da... ( sebenarnye x dek idea.. hehe)



Saturday, January 16, 2010


wow!! it's been two weeks in hostel !!! pehh !! baru due minggu seyh !!! lame doe!! hurm,, this two weeks have been very,, SLOW... and HARD !!! hee.. frenz?? theye're cool !!! LUV THEM !!! study ? well, actually, im having probs with MATHS !!! I Hte indices lorh!! weyh, sape yg pandai tajuk tuhh ajar aq !!! huhu.. tension lah... risau.. PMR x lame je lagi... huhu.. batch 95,, remember tarikh keramat 051010 !! huhu.. x lame je lagi doe.. hurmm.. ape lagi ekk..

aq tgh outing nieyh.. hehe... sbb tuh la dpt online n blogging hehe... tp, my kazen kaco lahh... pap je lahh dye tuhh.. aq nk download lagu masuk mp3 aq,, ye la tuh jer HIBURAN yg aq ade haha... tp, tetinggal doe.. TENSION TENSION TENSION... someone help me... br je nk masuk lagu2 yg latest.. aq suke lagu TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE n KETIKA CINTA BERTASBIH !!! haha  jiwang ?!? agak ahh... haha... bukan pe, lagu dye sweet gler la... haha... sesape yg x pena dgr tuhh, dgr la.. spae yg da penah dgr,,, dgr lagi.. hehe..

aq rindu member member kuhh... huhu.. bile nk cuti nie... da la cuti bln 2 nnty.. lembap toll haha... ish...  terpaksa la tunggu dgn penuh kesaaran dan kecekalan.. haha.. what ever..haha.. boring la.. so, i have to blog my heart out... or else, suffer for another lyke 3 week?? OMG!!! huhu...

dlm lagu KETIKA CINTA BERTASBIH,,  aq suke part amee nyanyi nieyh..
" bisikan doaku, dalam butiran tasbih, ku panjangkan pintaku padamu Maha Cinta'' n part chorus dye,, sume lahh... conclusion nye lagu tue best!!! haha... k la... tue je kowt for today... aq da penat la... wish me luck for my standardized test x lame lagi !!!