Sunday, November 7, 2010


well , one word that i can say about my life in MJSC Terendak ( MARA Junior Science College Terendak , Melaka if u dunno ) ...........
 C.R.A.Z.Y !!

C = Complicated and heart-breaking !! Went through ups and downs of life !!
R= Restless and tiring days to fight for our mission !! 100% straight A's
A= A wonderful & precious moment spent with beloved friends and foes.. okay, i dont hv any foes :)
Z= Zillion laughter ,  Trillion tears throughout these 3 years of studying in Terendak !! Memories
     that i could forget even if i wanted to..
Y= Youth time !! I get to be good.. and i get to be bad !! hehe.. you know.. normal stuff !! LOL :)

well, im gonna miss my days at terendak as a lower form student.. spending the times talking,gossiping, laughing,crying,fighting,studying and taking exams with my friends !! 25th BATCH , SILVER SAVIOURS !! LOVE YOU ALL !!

After all we've been throught , i believe that something great will be on our side !! Let's not stop praying for our success and others..  Aminnnn... 



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