Monday, November 8, 2010


These are my besties.. Try to love them as much as i do... I bet u cant, coz i love them so damn effing much !! They are my knife and fork , my light in the dark , the tune & lyrics of my song ,  my soap and shampoo .. senang citerrr... they are my everything ..

She's my colour . Without her, my life would SUCKK !! haha :D we've been bestfriends for 3 miserable yet fantastic years . When we're in form 1 n 2 ,  we were very close, superbly close as we're in the same class n dorm.. Her room is like my second room.. hehe.. She always be there for me eventhough she's a little far from me.. But our friendship is still a bond !! She have the same interest with me..  ABOUT BOYS?? ask us.. hehe..She's truly a wonderful friend i had !! Love you darling !!

This girl is my craziest friend !! She's outspoken and just funny,, everything she did will burst your heart out,, laughing.. Now, her room is like my third room (for the pass 2 years,, this year it's my second room !!).. haha.. seriously,, She's my classmate for 3 years and she's also my homeroon She always brightens up my day.. Thanks !! Every year we are getting closer and closer.. This year ,, we're dormmates !! How wonderful !! She always see things clearly and ofc better than i did.. Btw, did i tell u she's a great counselor?? Haha.. iekyn, if ur reading this.. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH !! YES,, U ARE A GREAT COUNSELOR !! Love you baby!!

We started to hang out last year right?? Yeah, it was wild.. Knowing you is like knowing a new point of horizon to persue .. You make me realise a whole new perspective of life :) We did lots of great things together.. You always make me laugh and smile ;) Thank you so much !! I wont forget about all of our fun activities !! Im wishing you all the best in life !! I know you didnt like it when i told you i like someone ( you know who ) but, i guess i know why .. Eventhough im paticullary horrid, but, u love me anyway.. hehe.. During the MIGTY programme, working with you is amazing and memorable !! Love you too babe !!

ARA !!
This girl makes me LOL all the time with her funny-and-cute-but-kindaweird movements and attitudes or whatever.. she maybe looks delicate, but she'e strong inside.. more like me.. haha.. jk !! she is our access to everything ( canteen espeacially ) haha.. only we know why.. She's crazy !! but i love her.. She's shares almost everything with me .. and she is someone that i know i can trust !! Ara,, luv u honey !!

This cute & petite girl you better watch out with !! Her mouth is ZZZZAAAASSS !! like hell..haha .. mencarut je keje..haha..but thats okay darl :) She's very noisy.. haha.. yes.. but she is a wonderful friend.. want to do bad things, ask her for help.. haha.. she's the dark side of our group (FSB++) but with a noble heart !! Niena, i wont find another friend like you !!  Sayang ko gile2 !! haha

MYD !!
Eventhough we arent very close like you and eleen,iekyn and niena... but without you, it wouldnt be right.. you alwayz makes me laughing out loud with your stories and all the things you do.. Although u treat me "nicely" .. but, you're good !! And im very flattered when you gave me duit raye whereas i didnt .. OMG !! it touches me because you gave me and intan that money eventhough we know that we arent so close to you.. whatever happens,, MYD !! Sayang ko !! We all do !!

AMI !!
You are the best classmate ever !! Yeah, i know i did things to you.. I do owe you an apology,, wait.. i did apologised to you before right?? anyway, i still want to apologise of what i did that MIGHT hurt your feelings.. but i was just joking around with you like you did to me.. haha.. it's been fun knowing you and joking around with you !! LOL sayang ko jugak !! Thnx after all the help u gave me this year.. and just so you know, it's been really amazing being fiends with you !!

BOB !!
It was fun having you around !! Remember the last day of school?? We took CRAZY pics right??haha.. Just love that moment !! It was wild.. I know it's kinda little late hanging out with you, but it was terrificly marvelous !!

for the record, to all my friends ; my roomate AIMI, my ex-roommate DEYNA , my MIGTY groupmembers EMAN,TOYAK,IKHWAN,SHAQIR,ELEEN,LEIA,MIRA,MIRRAH,AKHMA,FIFI, to my MASTERYLEARNINGgroup; intanzureen, ikamafia, zila, zate, anisizati block J members, classmates and homeroomates !! and of course my batch !! the SILVER SAVIOURS !!  I LOVE YOU GUYS !! 
i want to type all names but, it's too much.. but i wont forget you guys !!
keep in touch !!




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