Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Value Dream !!

Haha.. :58: the title is a bit wacky ryte.. haha.. try to translate it LITERALLY !! haha.. act, da lame da nk post psl nieyh tp ye lah kn.. i nieyh org penting, so bz la sket *tipu tipu*

Oke , after 15 years living in SAUJANA IMPIAN , KAJANG.. i finally moved to NILAI IMPIAN !! huhu.. at first, i dont even wanna move coz idk, i just dont wanna :face32:.. but later, i feel like i just have to accept everything and change my perception.. why not move !! it's only about:80: 30 mins to my former house *sometimes i dont understand why i move so close* haha.. i miss my old house , my old room but time to move on.. c'mon, 15 years is super long enuff dont u think..:59:

My sis -DINA HISHAM- and i get to give out ideas for our room..:61: like what color will it be, single beds or queen bed, the theme for the room etc. And im happy with the result.. but its not completely done *mom n dad thot of buying us a 3D mirror or something, idk will they ever buy it, just wait and see* :11: But now, i like everything about my new home !! huhu.. better than my former home ofc..

My new home have 7 rooms (one master bedroom for my parentz, danish's room , afrina n maya's room, dina's n my room, my maid's room, guests' room and AV room ) and 5 bathrooms.. :62: We have things that we dont have in our old home like the AV room, island in the kitchen, non-bladed fans etc.. :face51:

I'm gonna miss my old home:53: .. really !! so many memories ive collected there !! but i love my new home and hope that we are going to live better here.. AMIN !! :60: My parentz work their backs to provide us comforts in this house.. Thank You Mom And Dad !! ILOVEYOU !! :h::n:

xoxo :86:


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

For Crying Out Loud !!

Oke.. now everyone has been talking bout their results.. some are good, improved or whatsoever.. but some of them are very devastated with it.. so, which group of ppl tht i belong to this sem?

hah ! im grateful with my result but im not satisfied with it :face60:.. no, i cant say the word >satisfy< coz when do actually human kind really fullfill their satisfaction ryte? anyway.. it suxx :6: to see that my result are getting worst :19:.. like seriously, im super shocked with some of the subjects.. idk what else to say or think.. im afraid when the result is home :face74: *sent by the postmen* and my parentz will see it.. i know what are they gonna say and ask.. im not happy to answer 'em..

After all those time i've spent :u:.. staying up, not sleeping or not having enuff sleep, but in the end?? ive slept less than 2 hours every single day of the week *yup, eyebag* hmm.. i was so devastated by it,, but when i saw a quote that my fren posted on FB *i've translated it*


after reading that,:131: i know what m i supposed to do.. be grateful and take the next step !! hope that THIS piece of paper / a page of a web will be a spirit booster for nx year *amiinnnn*

Alamat : MOHD HISHAMUDDIN BIN MOHD YASIN No K/P : 950305045146


43000 KAJANG


Mata Pelajaran Markah Gred
Bahasa Melayu 77 A
Bahasa Inggeris 81 A
Pend Agama Islam 87 A
Sejarah 79 A
Matematik 77 A
Sivik & Kewarganegaraan 73 B+
Matematik Tambahan 47 C+
Fizik 65 B
Kimia 77 A
Biologi 49 C
Pend Jasmani Kesihatan 75 A
Sains Komputer 73 L
Senireka 60 L

PNG : 3.5 Anugerah Pengetua

TPNG : 3.6686

XOXO :88:

Monday, November 28, 2011

Acu's Wedding !!

Last saturday, it was my Acu's wedding :9: at JEMENTAH,SEGAMAT, JOHOR.. During the morning was the AKAD NIKAH session.. They :27: couple wore GREY !! and the ceremony was held in the surau nearby the residents.. The wedding was held that afternoon just outside the surau.. The theme was RED+BLACK !! So everyone in the family wore RED n BLACK on that day.. Dina, Maya , Ina, Isya n I were the:61: BRIDESMADES.. Yeah, i cant believe im one of it either.. LOL :) Afrina was supposed to be apart ,but IDK, she dont wanna be.. haha.. Eventho it was raining on that day (late afternoon) but the ceremony went on smoothly and perfectly.. Thank God it wasnt raining while we were marching, if else .. idk what to say !! btw, the birdesmades L.O.V.E the outfit !! hehe.. here are some of the pics cos actions speaks louder that words ryte !!:60:

:n: XOXO


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Awwww :))

Girl: Will you pick me up if I ever fell down?

Boy: No.

Girl: Would you wipe away the tears when I’m sad..:(...?

Boy: Never.
Girl: Will you still love me when I look my worst?

Boy: Nope.
Girl: At least you’re honest …..:(((

Boy: I wouldn’t pick you up if you fell because I would catch you before you even hit the ground....♥ I wouldn’t wipe away your tears because I’ll make sure there’s nothing for you to ever be sad about....♥ I wouldn’t love you when you look your worst because that’s impossible. You always look you’re best, even when you think you don’t.....♥ I love you more than anything, always remember that......♥ ♥
:face2: XOXO


Monday, November 21, 2011


Okeoke.. lastnyte i put on my FB status :

"Injection.. what shud i feel ryte now?"

Then, my frenz asked why im up for an injection.. malu la nk open sgt an.. tp biar la.. hehe.. it was actually the vaccine for Cervical Cancer.. alaaa yg 13 and above kene tu.. hehe.. Mahal kowt nk inject tu.. inject sket je tp mahal nk mmpus.. :face18: rm 200 plus plus per injection .. and guess what.. u have to take 3 injections.. :116:

Dr ckp the second dose will be a month after my first injection and the third one will be about 3 months after that.. huhu.. so kirenye mcm oke la ann.. Dr ckp gak klu awal x pe jgn lambat.. huhu.. dga mcm seyez je.. :c: hehe..

Mase nk cucuk tu x de la cuak sgt.. mcm excited sbnarnye.. ye la.. da lame x kene inject an , :80: hehe.. Tyme kat dlm bilik tu, kitorg smbg2 la ngan dr tu..:86: frendly dr tu.. pompuan, bese la an.. haha.. Bile da abes tu.. dr tu ckp tangan aq shud rase mcm lenguh2 sket.. tp smpi skrg x rase pape pown.. maybe lymph nodes aq nieyh lambat response sket kowt.. haha.. cewaahh *bdk bio* hehe.. :face52: umm k la.. tu je nk cite !! bye bye :)

p/s : dhira natasya . semoga soalan anda terjawab !! :face64:





What a great :25: game last nyte.. Syok gak tgk m'sia lwn indon.. All this while aq tgk MANU je.. hehe.. trok an.. tp smalam mmg gile punye game... :i: hebatt kowt MALAYSIA.. Indonesia pown gak hebat.. laju gile dorg maen.. huhu.. mmg sengit abez la..

Tp an.. igt m'sia bole score sebijik lg tyme second half, tgk2 additional tyme plak.. pehh.. da la sume mcm lembik2 je.. sket2 injured, tackle sket da jatuh guling2.. haha.. yellow card pown byk.. hmm.. tp pape pown :11: BADROL n FAHMI did a splendid job *aq pown knal la dorg, igt x knal ke ha*

Tyme penalty tu mmg aq mcm nk nanges :face13:.. cuak gile nk mampos.. huhu.. mule2 tyme leading tu happy la an, bile da start draw tu mmg gile ahh.. lagi2 mase penalty yg last.. pehh.. aq dok b'zikir ckp "save n goal.. save n goal.. save n goal" ntah brape byk kali ntah.. huhu.. cuak gile..tgk2 , YESS !! FAHMI SAVE then BADROL plak GOAL !! :face18: mmg best gile ahh..

:22: Nothing like MANU punye game smalam.. haha.. mmg la dyorg x maen mcm MANU maen tp still superb la.. hehe.. Smalam, aq tgk ngan maya je.. kakngah x minat pown bola.. ayah, x follow sgt n lagipown smalam ayh ade futsal so x tgk.. klu x mesti ayh tgk skali ann :27:.. hmm.. x de la, all this while klu game manu n im home, i'll be watching it with ayah !! haha.. daddy's girl?? :95: haha.. x sgt laa.. umm k la.. tu je kowt.. hehe.. TOODLES !!

:126: XOXO