Monday, November 28, 2011

Acu's Wedding !!

Last saturday, it was my Acu's wedding :9: at JEMENTAH,SEGAMAT, JOHOR.. During the morning was the AKAD NIKAH session.. They :27: couple wore GREY !! and the ceremony was held in the surau nearby the residents.. The wedding was held that afternoon just outside the surau.. The theme was RED+BLACK !! So everyone in the family wore RED n BLACK on that day.. Dina, Maya , Ina, Isya n I were the:61: BRIDESMADES.. Yeah, i cant believe im one of it either.. LOL :) Afrina was supposed to be apart ,but IDK, she dont wanna be.. haha.. Eventho it was raining on that day (late afternoon) but the ceremony went on smoothly and perfectly.. Thank God it wasnt raining while we were marching, if else .. idk what to say !! btw, the birdesmades L.O.V.E the outfit !! hehe.. here are some of the pics cos actions speaks louder that words ryte !!:60:

:n: XOXO


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