Monday, November 21, 2011


Okeoke.. lastnyte i put on my FB status :

"Injection.. what shud i feel ryte now?"

Then, my frenz asked why im up for an injection.. malu la nk open sgt an.. tp biar la.. hehe.. it was actually the vaccine for Cervical Cancer.. alaaa yg 13 and above kene tu.. hehe.. Mahal kowt nk inject tu.. inject sket je tp mahal nk mmpus.. :face18: rm 200 plus plus per injection .. and guess what.. u have to take 3 injections.. :116:

Dr ckp the second dose will be a month after my first injection and the third one will be about 3 months after that.. huhu.. so kirenye mcm oke la ann.. Dr ckp gak klu awal x pe jgn lambat.. huhu.. dga mcm seyez je.. :c: hehe..

Mase nk cucuk tu x de la cuak sgt.. mcm excited sbnarnye.. ye la.. da lame x kene inject an , :80: hehe.. Tyme kat dlm bilik tu, kitorg smbg2 la ngan dr tu..:86: frendly dr tu.. pompuan, bese la an.. haha.. Bile da abes tu.. dr tu ckp tangan aq shud rase mcm lenguh2 sket.. tp smpi skrg x rase pape pown.. maybe lymph nodes aq nieyh lambat response sket kowt.. haha.. cewaahh *bdk bio* hehe.. :face52: umm k la.. tu je nk cite !! bye bye :)

p/s : dhira natasya . semoga soalan anda terjawab !! :face64:



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