Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dedication to my Sis :)

Yo Gurl.. Congratz tho :1: Im really surprised honestly !! But it's okay.. U did your best and it paid off !! Good job !! You continue the HISHAM SISTERS' legacy !! haha.. Anyways, job well done on your 5A'S !! I;m really proud of ya.. Eventho u wont be reading this, but .. pliz know that i love u:n:.. altho we fought ... AHLOTT !! hehe..

And owh yeah !! Take good care of your present :108:.. it's the most expensive 5A's present compared to mine and kakngah's *which is so not totally fair* :face74: huhu.. so, if u break it.. i'll break your bones !! haha..

xoxo :125:


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