Friday, January 4, 2013

TATA :((

I CANT BELIEVE IM SAYING THAT :(((( i really dont want to go but what can i do? go where?? the most boring thing ever *cewah belum pegi lagi dah assume macam macam* ITS THE PLKN thingyyyyyyy !!!! im gonna miss everyone. im gonna miss blogging, twitter, facebook, tumblr, everything. My family of course la kan? Who wants to waste 3 months at some camp? I'll be back at 16th March. Seems like ill be celebrating my birthday with my new friends- if i had any. So this will be my last post untill i get back. sobs sobs. So please miss me *lol desperate gila bunyi* tata !!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Crush !!!

Well, all my life, im crazy and fangirling about so many hot and cute guys. well that show im perfectly straight and normal :p Okay let me list them one by one.

1) JUSTIN BIEBER !!!!!!!!!!!! forever and always the first n my list
2) Josh Hutcherson
3) Zac Efron
4) Taylor Lautner
5) Nick Jonas
6) Tom Cruise
7) Hugh Jackman
8) Ryan  Guzman
9) Javier Hernandez
10) Robin Van Persie

Well that's a part of it. Well now, i wanna show you guys a hot brit boys who make it on my list . . . straight to number 2. Its like get 2 for 1. Lol. They are vlogger, JACKSON & FINNEGAN HARRIES !!!

Hot kan??? Arent they cute !! They are twins. i bet the hottest twin you'll ever known. People call them finn and jack. And they're 20 year old BRITS. how cool is that !! I like Finn more. But jack is as awesome and gorgeous as finn. Duhh , they're twinssss ! The one with red checkered shirt is Jack and the one in blue is Finn.

They even look adorable when they make faces and goofying around. i love their vlog ! sempoi je. interesting. hehehe. I wish im in London right now. Did i mention that jack got over 800,000 subscribers ?? how great is that ??

okayy enough fangirling for now !! i can die like this. Why must there's so many drop dead gorgeous looking guys in this world??? and whats sad the most is, all of them are like at the other side of the world from me !! sob sob !