Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bye 2011 , HELLo 2012 !

Its :100: year, Oh twenty-twelve ! Its THE year !! Omg, i cant believe its here already. Im gonna miss 2011 *do we have to say this every year?? haha* 2011 was a blast. Ive learned so many new things. Than you 2011. Realising its not coming back makes me appreciate life better.

So, 2012:114:
Many ppl make resolutions on new years but, so whats my resolution eh?

~ Study super duper extra hard.. ye lahh nak SPM kan??
~ Be a better person. Matured, appreciate and grow up.
~ Think better. Dont be pessimist.
~ Have as much fun as possible without negleting responsibilities.
~ Lose weight?? haha

Umm.. thats what i have on my list ryte now. I'll updated it later. haha. Klu letak byk2 nnty klu x dpt fulfill susah plak kn.. hehe

This year, im a :65:SUPER SENIOR !and of coz SPM. gosh , cant believe im sayin that. Wish me luck folks. So, idk how it will turn out. We finally will have juniors * kami baek laaa * hehe. Bu i kinda miss m pals in Terenak. Awwww klu x kite celebrate senior year same2 kan.. Mesti best. Dala cuti nieyh x dpt jumpe korang.

Anyway, praying for the best in 2012 !! :86:

#nk kene siap beli brg. Nak update blog lg, tp nk bwat camne kan . x sempat


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sister .

:n:Okey, having ur lil to choose sides are one of the most brain-tenderizing thing ever. How does it feel when ur lil sis listed down her favourite sister from most to the least. Idk why i blog about this but it feels a lil shocking when she chose someone else over you. I mean come one, Maya said when i asked her why does afrina chose kakngah as her most favourite sis "Kakngah treats her well" .. i mean hello... how WELL is WELL?? :124:

hmm.. maybe its just me.:74: I shouldnt be mountaining this thing up. Duuhhh. Maybe she have her own perspective. Owh well, nobodys perfect ryte. As long as i know she loves us all ! Why im saying this? Its because of one reason.:c:

:91:The other day, it was night to be exact, my mom tells afrina about the year,s gonna end, another school year coming, she's going to a new school etc etc. The thing is, she dont want to go to the new school and she keeps telling that she'll not be great and stuff *awwww how cute is that?* :67:

Then, went we were just about to sleep, she said to me, whispering and sobbing "Im gonna miss u kaklong. Im gonna draw u" :86: When i heard that i literally cried :face36: and hug her. You dont know how she felt. It like this every year #sinceIwenttoboardingschool . Everytime we will about to go back to school, she cried and said that she'll miss us. Yeah, mase nieyh je la kan nk maen2 sume ngan dye. When it's time for school, :90: we wont be having that time again.

:125: But, this was nothing until i realised that Maya also want to go to boarding school. Well, Maya was the one that keep her company during the whole year, eventho kakngah came back one a fortnight but imagine if Maya gets her chance to go to boarding school, she'll be left alone !! I cant :65: imagine that. Not that i dont want Maya to go to boarding school but, idk. Seems like its not fair !!

So, i think im gonna stop here. Dont wanna keep babbling these things. Just thot to express everything and just let all out here in my Mr BligityBlog !! haha.. Papepown, sorry for the babbling .. hehe :face37:





Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lalala ~


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Vacayy !!

Oke, hey guys.. sory it took me a while making this entry.. so i wanna tell about my vacayy last week (13.12.11 - 17.12.11) to GCM and USS. I enjoyed my vacayy very much. Probably it was the best vacayy ever.. SO FAR !! haha..

WARNING : This few entries that i'll post might be a pretty long one:p: !!

13.12.11 - 15.12.11 : GCM !

:m: Last tuesday, my family and i went to GCM. Yeah lots of people ask me what is GCM. penat da nk jwb. It actually stands for Gold Coast Morib. So we had fun there. Oke la gak tmpt tu. Its not like Sunway Lagoon or something but to have fun, its act a nice place to be. One the 15th , we went off to JB !!:132:

16.12.11 : USS !

:n:The whole day, we spent in USS (Universal Studios Singapore) it was super duper fun. We rode all the rides and the main attraction. The new Transformers was the most tiring-but-worth it of all. Haha. Well, to know more about it, read it in my sis blog. Im just going to link it coz im kinda lazy to blog about it and coz its late already *so two reasons*:11:

I know, its not me but there's been technical error when i tried uploading my pics, so i kinda pissed off:14: .. hehe..



"If i am Shia Lebouf than you are my Megan fox. If i am Brad Pitt than you are my Angelina Jolie. If i am Beckham than you are my Victoria" :86:
Awwww <3

Here are somethings that i wanna say:

"Come back , come back, come back to me like you would , you would if this was a movie. Stand in the rain outside til i came out..."

" I was enchanted to meet you.. "

:n: xoxo


Monday, December 12, 2011


Oke, here it goes.. This happens when we werent even moving.. while my sis n i was cleaning our room , u know like throwing and put aside things that we dont want -so it will be easier for us to move (at that time) we met ourselves with old collection of ours of our :65: favourite disney stars.. That collection is like lots and lots of it.. I cant believe how addicted we were *that was before the boarding school thingy and before the Upper Form Crap !!

Here are pictures of :74: SOME of it that we get to take:

We have that pile of collection for each of this

yeah !! u can say that we are like DISNEY:131: fanatic fans.. huhu..
:e: XOXO


A piece of my own mind ..

After watching the so-called awesome movie OMBAK RINDU last night *venue: midvalley *time: 9.20 pm , here's the piece of my mind


Gosh, sumpah nyesal. Eventhough that it was NEVER MY CUP OF TEA but i thought that that movie is something different that may can change my - i mean, my family's- perception towards malay movies.

Imagine, it's ur first time watching malay movies in the cinema *'cause all this while ur firm with ur thoughts, and u agree to watch this movies coz u though it might be actually good* but the come back is unbelievably upside-down.. and u know what, that "good mind" i had just flowed away like water !! ergh..:face60:

Not a good production, no i mean SCRIPT.. yeah, i have to say that the script is crap.. no one in this entire malaysia talk like that.. like hello.. wake up dude.. we're not living in the 20's or whatever.. Stakat lagu je bez alamak aiihhh ..:face59:

:face33:This is what u get when u fell into people's saying and trying to loosing up.. urghh.. niat da baek kowt.. its not like i dont wanna support the industry but.. c'mon take a look at what ur serving us.. it's like - to me - that ur serving raw egg n flour in a dish (which is a BIG NO NO )

Da la, im :22: not gonna watch any malay movies for idk how many years. That's it !!

:68: xoxo



I like that hair in the pic.. Nice :)

Okey !! this thing act, happened yesterday (11.12.11) My family and iwent to MIDVALLEY MEGAMALL to watch movies. Our movies is at 9.20 so before that, my sis and i went to A CUT ABOVE to get our hair done. Congratz to our :27: parents who successfully coaxed us into 'cutting' our hair.

So, after we were seated, the stylist came and consult us about what they will do. My stylist is a woman. Her tag says :

Dina's stylist is a guy. He said that Dina is pretty with short hair because of her face shape. So he said that he's gonna make SOMETHING LIKE a bob-cut like style

While me on the other hand, she said that my hair has the natural wave and it's thin * tipuu tipuu* but she said that i cant have too short hair coz it will make my hair like > kembang2 gituu* haha..( oke nieyh pown tipu gak ) :face44:

After deciding our style, we had our hair shampooed, then cut.. Lastly, 2 men blow dry my hair * i feel like a super star* Then, miss jess chin gave some finishing touch and VOILA .... a totally completely :100: look for me..When i look at myself in the mirror, it feels like im a new person.. And so does my sis.. We both fell totally in love with our new look.. We thanked our stylist and showed it to our mom.. Thanks mom for this <3

At home, we showed it to ayah and the others.. They all really liked it.. bajet :98: sket la kan?? haha.. So, this is going to be my 2012 look :):25:

:128: XOXO