Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sister .

:n:Okey, having ur lil to choose sides are one of the most brain-tenderizing thing ever. How does it feel when ur lil sis listed down her favourite sister from most to the least. Idk why i blog about this but it feels a lil shocking when she chose someone else over you. I mean come one, Maya said when i asked her why does afrina chose kakngah as her most favourite sis "Kakngah treats her well" .. i mean hello... how WELL is WELL?? :124:

hmm.. maybe its just me.:74: I shouldnt be mountaining this thing up. Duuhhh. Maybe she have her own perspective. Owh well, nobodys perfect ryte. As long as i know she loves us all ! Why im saying this? Its because of one reason.:c:

:91:The other day, it was night to be exact, my mom tells afrina about the year,s gonna end, another school year coming, she's going to a new school etc etc. The thing is, she dont want to go to the new school and she keeps telling that she'll not be great and stuff *awwww how cute is that?* :67:

Then, went we were just about to sleep, she said to me, whispering and sobbing "Im gonna miss u kaklong. Im gonna draw u" :86: When i heard that i literally cried :face36: and hug her. You dont know how she felt. It like this every year #sinceIwenttoboardingschool . Everytime we will about to go back to school, she cried and said that she'll miss us. Yeah, mase nieyh je la kan nk maen2 sume ngan dye. When it's time for school, :90: we wont be having that time again.

:125: But, this was nothing until i realised that Maya also want to go to boarding school. Well, Maya was the one that keep her company during the whole year, eventho kakngah came back one a fortnight but imagine if Maya gets her chance to go to boarding school, she'll be left alone !! I cant :65: imagine that. Not that i dont want Maya to go to boarding school but, idk. Seems like its not fair !!

So, i think im gonna stop here. Dont wanna keep babbling these things. Just thot to express everything and just let all out here in my Mr BligityBlog !! haha.. Papepown, sorry for the babbling .. hehe :face37:





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  1. Hey, chill about the 'favorite sister' thing man.. *though it's flattering to know that I am the one.. Hoho.. I know, kesian Afrina.. Feeling alone and abandoned.. Dh la dye mcm tu.. Huhu :'(