Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's EID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Assalamualaikum :)

Selamat Hari Raya. Hari untuk kita bersuka ria *nyanyi* hihi. Layan la jugak kan. Alhamdulillah~ Another chance to meet with Syawal this year. Hope that i can be better person and concealed everything that Ramadan thought me. InsyaAllah~

As usual, raya and pictures are two inseparable things during raya (other than kuih raya and duit raya of course) so i DID took a lot of pictures. Hehehe like im the CAMERAGIRL for my familyyyy :p and for the duit raya collection, i manage to get RM311. Sikit je tu, tak banyak mana pun but still SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH! Eventhough dah besar ni boleh dapat duit raya. hehe. *setelah berjaya mengugut pakcik dan makcik serta yang sekutu dengan mereka* hihi . tipu jeeee. tak ugut pun. Mereka bagi dgn penuh keikhlasan kan kan kan  ??

Everytime i meet my relatives the must-hear words are like "Yang mana kakak, yang mana adik ni?" "Ouh, adik lagi tinggi dari kakak" "Okay, yang ni nampak muka adik (sambil tunjuk kat aku)" dah biasa sangat dah dengar. Guys, i know la aku ni pendek , ehh takk takk... "kurang tinggi" dari adik aku. Is it me or i kinda sorta look young !! i'll go with the second one whatever you say. teehee.

Okay enuff with the babbling. I wanna upload some pics just for 'cuci cuci mata' #Eh . ouh and btw, credits to my EXPERIENCED MODELS for being my muse: Mom, Dad, DinaHisham, MayaHisham, Afrina, Danish, my lil cousins, Faiz, Arinah and Arisyah. Ouh and ofcourse ME :)

First Raya :)

Mom and Dad :)

Siblings :)
 Second Raya :)

Third Raya :)

*p/s : updated this at 4 am :) + pictures was taken via Canon 550D and iPhone 4s


Friday, August 17, 2012




Hometown ~

Ramadan is almost over :'((((( I'm gonna miss Ramadan soooooooooo much! So this year's raya, i'm gonna spend the first and a half day of it in Segamat ! Wohooooo \O/ Then the next at Melaka. Im not sure which baju kurung i'm gonna year first. Hehehe. I'll decide later maybe ~ heyy, if you guys notice, i changed my blog songggg ! Hehehehehe. in love with it since the first time i hear it !

Anywayyyyy, finished shopping for raya . So this year's raya, i have 2 baju kurung, 2 new jeans, 5 blouses+shirts, a pair of flats and a few tudungggg. Not much pun :P Cant wait for raya.

But a thing called TRIAL is sooooo super duper jealous of the '95s because we will sit for it a week after raya. What a disaster and a total spoil ! Why do I have to take the sacrifice. hmmmm. well me and my friends are devastated. But oh well, what to do ! Sacrifice needed to be done to have success right. But itu pun KALAU success la. hehehe~ InsyaAllah it will be worth it if we sacrifice a little... okay a lot. Tak rasa macam raya pun, with all the homework, folio ! goshhhhh.. wish me luck !



Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ramadan !!

First and foremost, I'm BACK BABEHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !! It's been ages since my last update. Yeah, i miss my Mr. Bloggie. I do have twitter, but the 140 character limit is obviously not enough to let me express everything.

Well, It's almost the end of Ramadan :'( Dear Allah, i pray to You so that i could meet Ramadan again next year. Serious talking, there's soooooooooooooooooo many things happened during this month. There's PRE-TRIAL, MOCK INTERVIEW, ACTIVITY WEEK. There's also tthings that i never expected to happen, happened :'(  To make it short, yes dugaan sangat sangat lah banyak bulan ni.

Ya Allah, Give me strength to get though all of this . . .