Friday, August 17, 2012

Hometown ~

Ramadan is almost over :'((((( I'm gonna miss Ramadan soooooooooo much! So this year's raya, i'm gonna spend the first and a half day of it in Segamat ! Wohooooo \O/ Then the next at Melaka. Im not sure which baju kurung i'm gonna year first. Hehehe. I'll decide later maybe ~ heyy, if you guys notice, i changed my blog songggg ! Hehehehehe. in love with it since the first time i hear it !

Anywayyyyy, finished shopping for raya . So this year's raya, i have 2 baju kurung, 2 new jeans, 5 blouses+shirts, a pair of flats and a few tudungggg. Not much pun :P Cant wait for raya.

But a thing called TRIAL is sooooo super duper jealous of the '95s because we will sit for it a week after raya. What a disaster and a total spoil ! Why do I have to take the sacrifice. hmmmm. well me and my friends are devastated. But oh well, what to do ! Sacrifice needed to be done to have success right. But itu pun KALAU success la. hehehe~ InsyaAllah it will be worth it if we sacrifice a little... okay a lot. Tak rasa macam raya pun, with all the homework, folio ! goshhhhh.. wish me luck !



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