Tuesday, December 29, 2009


i just found a HOT DAMN CUTE SUPERB guy when i was watching the new and latest BRING IT ON : FIGHT TO THE FINISH with my sister. seriously, when we both had our first look at him, our jaws just DROP!! seriously!!  the first thing we said " comel gler dye!!!" (serentak,, no im not kidding.. and we said that like almost shouting ) we then were lyke " OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!" we cant stop thinking about him.

but, the bad news is, the internet is such a fool coz it didnt have much pics of him.. they were some pics of him but very few. i need those.. LOL.. why is it called the world wide web if it doesnt have any info about him.. We cant even found his middle name.. GOD!!

whatever then..  just to let all of you know.. he is totally gonna be in our "DAMN HOT,SUPER CUTE & DROP DEAD GORGEOUS LIST" I'll tell you bout the list someother time.


Thursday, December 17, 2009


urgghhh.... i hate my lyfe... ade ke patut dorang amek my most favorite/needed thing in this whole effing world.. urgghhh.. it's my PHONE.. they took my freqin phone.. darn it!!! bengek doe.. urghh.. tensiontensiontension!! It's like im grounded for lyke a whole stupid week.. urgghh!!! HATE MY LIFE!!!.. sabasabasaba je lahh.... huuuuu ( trying to relax my self)


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


urmmm... it's been a BORED day!!! hurmm.. just dunno what to do.. any ideas guyz??? ade hmwrk tp mls gler nk bwat (walaupun skola nk bkk da) just dont hv the mood ya know.. i dunno when i'll actually HAVE the mood.. pfft. huh.. whatever!! blahhh...



Monday, December 14, 2009


hurm.. late nyte updates... well, moods doesnt actually care about time though..

well, today i met my frends.. they were awesome.. we lepak at Wan/s house.. duhh! dye ajak.. aq on jerr.. well. me and Hani actually WALKED to her house under the HOTT SUNN!! :0  gosh.. but that's oke :) i really just dont care because,, i miss her.. we talked and crapping and gossiping about bunch of stuff.. More about old frendz ( prmary school) haha. XD.. then when we arrived at her house (phew!! finally =D) we just, keep on chatting n talking n crapping n gossiping.. again... we keep each other up-to-date about EACH OTHER of course.. talk about frens, skewl n othe stuff.. the weather.. urmmm not so good .. it was raining.. but it cools us up!! XD whatever.. it was about 6.15 pm Hani's bro pick us up.. He sent me home ( im just thankful that i done have to walk. haha. XD)

It has been a great day.. Im going to miss you guyz.. hope i meet you guys again at the reunion party!! keep my fingers cross.. haha.. =)



Sunday, December 13, 2009


uihh,, da lama rasenye x blogging.. so i just blog la.. oke, smalam my family and I went to the ZON regency at kl ( dkt gler ngan klcc).. overnyte kat situ..  just for one nyte though.. when we arrive, the first thing we do.. settle in.. of course.. checking out the rooms,view and whatever.. after performing the Zohor prayers, we ( me and my sisters along with my brother followed by my mom) went to the swimming pool,, one of our favorite place in the world.. haha =D we swam for lyke approximately 3 hours.. from 3 pm to 6 pm.. we just love itt <333. we had soooo much fun especially me and Adlina (my younger sister = 2nd in the sisterhood, me im 1st or the eldest just fyi) because we had somethin quite "special" happened.. then after taking our proper bath at the room, my mom and dad wants to go to KLCC and ask me, Adlina and Amalia (my other sister) to join them.. kiteorg mmg suke bab2 berjalan nieyh.. so we said YES.. we ate at the food court and window shopping around the mall.. there were pretty lights and decorations at the center for celebrating Xmas,, whatever.. then, we BALEK LA... penatt lorh.. and the day end tremendously.. we get ready for bed, watch TV before sleep, eat ( gosh I ate a lot that day... u literally dont wanna know.. seriously) had our sister chat and gossip ( that's what we do best.. for me and Adlina.. we're lyke BFF except adding sisters.. BFSF.. that looks okay) then we sleep.. soundly.. haha  nahhh... we dont do that.. maybe.. i dont know, dont WANNA know... the next day (today) we wake up kinda early, got our buffet breakfast and went to the swimming pool again for 3 reasons..

1. Fulfill my beloved sister's request.. she keep asking us to go swimming again and again and again and again.. it's annoying

2. Hoping for that "special thing" happen again.. but with improvements.. lol

3. Like i said,, we just love going there..

and because we go to the swimming pool... I GOT SUN BURN!!!!! Kinda bad.. but not so lahh... thank god. ye la,, mane x nyerrr mandi kol 9.30 - 11. 30 mane x nye... aishhh.. btw, my 2nd reason.. didnt go as i expected.. it was kinda dissapointing but.. i'll get over it.. MAYBE!!!!! lol.. then we check out from the hotel.. and went to home.. before that we went to McD'S drive thru and buy food.. gosh thank god i was starving that time.. mom ur my lyfe saver...lol.. whatever.... when i got home,, the first thing that i reach is the laptop.. haha.. x lame x online.. 2 days to be exact.. haha.. maybe that's it for today.. haha. adios!!


Friday, December 4, 2009


Today, i went to Midvalley with Sarah n Amina.. It was fun and im tired.. I push off at lyke 6.45 am to Sarah's house.. Duhh!! Because it was raining at that tyme so we need to push off  a lil bit early coz or else we be stuck in traffic jam.. Then, i arrived at her house at 7.45 ( i had breakfast with my mom first).. lepak jap kat bilik dye and wait for Amina.. Amina smpi lyke 9 am.. Then we went to Terminal Putra.. Naik LRT, then naik komuter smpi Mid.. Then we went to GSC.. tgk Christmas Carol.. X best langsung!! ISHH!!Tension.. da la mahal gler babii.. harap 3D jer.. mampos ahh!! bengang aq.. klu citer best x pe gak. nie x.. mcm siot jer... arrggh!! oke.. we get back to the story.. after that kiteorg gi mkn and jalan2.. sumpah aq kate, kitorg mcm x dek hala tuju.. mmg x dek hala tuju pown.. we just walk around where our foot takes us.. haha.. mcm siot jer... then, bile dah ptg uhh,, balek.. waktu balek uhh pehh lg tension.. da la LRT n komuter due2 penuh.. berdiri jer ahh kiteorg (me & Sarah coz Amina went home with her mom from mid) penatt doe... pehh.. saba jeahh hidop... smpi umah Sarah dlm kul 6.. my mom jemput kul 6.15.. smpi umah dkt 7.30 coz jln jam... huhu.. hidop,,hidop... tp best la hari nie walaupun pnatt!!!...
Sara obsess gler ngan BUNKFACE skunk nieyh.. haha... whatever.. aq pown x taw nk wat camner da.. haha.. pape poen,, bende nie syart waktu mak long dye ajk dye gi mane ntah.. da lupe,, tp grand la jugakk.. mok long dye ade Back Stage Pass.. so dpt la M&G ngan dowang.. tyme tuhh la dye start suke BUNKFACE.. btw tyme tuhh dye x knal sorang pown dlm group tuhh except Sam.. adelahh jln crite dye.. mls nk type.. len kali lahh aq crite.. then sjk tuhh dye nie obsess.. tp dye x lupe kan "kakak" kiteorg that is MILEY!! yeah.. btw, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MILEYYY!!!! if it's not too late..you're 17 nowwww... sooooo fast!!! u grow n we grow.. huhu.. back to my story.. yup.. dye still no 1 fan of miley ( after me ) Miley is our role modell... and we totally hate Miley haters... FUCK OFF OUR LIFE BIATCH!! HATE YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! k la.. tu jer la.. that's it for today.. mls nk type da... tros da x dek mood!! see ya!! -XOXO

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Penatt lhh,

skrg tetibe plak ade mood nak cerita..
pg td bgn kol 6.30 camtue... smayang Subo dulue.. then tetibe rajin plak nkk bwat homework.. sejak cutie x snth pown homework yg menggunung tue.,. bnyk gler bhaii.. then tetibe rase mcm nk jog plak.. pe lagi ajk adeq2 ku gi jog.. mule2 gi jog bertiga then terjumpe Tok Bah, dye suro mkn dulu.. tyme tu pkl 8 lebih so kirenye breakfast la.. then ajak Akalil, Arinah ngan Arisyah skalie alang2 kat umah dorang.. kiteorg round satu taman tue.. pehh.. then kitoerg pegi kat playground yg x siap agi tue.. ddk jap... pastu gi balek gi umah kazen balek..
lepak2 jap.. maen table tennis.. first tyme bhaii.. aq x reti maen bendealah tue.. tp, akalil ajar aq.. dpt la siket2.. lame gler kiteorg maen bendealah tue.. dlm kol 3 camtue adeq aq yg Maya tue suro aq teman dye n arinah n arisyah gi swimming kat Golf Club yg dkt ngan umah aq.. aq x mao sebenarnye tp mak aq suro gak aq pown pegi jer la.. oke gak sbb PANAS!!!! swimming sampai kol 5 jer sbb ujan.. agak lebat arhh.. pastu, aq balek umah aq, Akalil nk ikot sbb nk tumpang maen PS2 kat umah aq.. aq oke jer.. dowang maen la.. pastu aq terlelap kejap.. ye la.. penah doe.. seharian x masuk umah..

Friday, November 27, 2009


on 27th November 2009, 10.15 p.m i went to Alamanda, Putrajaya.. Y?? TO WATCH NEW MOON!!

gosh, i just love it!!
everything about it.. i just love it.. from edward to jacob.. yup everything..
movie tue bole thn lame gak.. edward sooo.. god idk how to say it!! gosh!! tgk movie tue klu nak taw..

hott hott!! jacob?? he's damn hot!!

mase mule mule, he still have his wig on!! ( long hair ) which is not hot at all..

believe me..

but.. when he start to become a warewolf, no more..

he's HOT HOT HOT..

seriously.. omg!! i just love it..

Bella is crazy in this movie..



klu bg 2 team, team Edward and team Jacob..

which side are you on??

team Edward or team Jacob??


Thursday, November 26, 2009

1 . NEWCOMER!! learning..


hye bloggers..

well,, just to let u knoe..

im new..

so, im still learning bout this STUFF!!

help needed!!!

tu jer kowt.. for now!!