Monday, December 14, 2009


hurm.. late nyte updates... well, moods doesnt actually care about time though..

well, today i met my frends.. they were awesome.. we lepak at Wan/s house.. duhh! dye ajak.. aq on jerr.. well. me and Hani actually WALKED to her house under the HOTT SUNN!! :0  gosh.. but that's oke :) i really just dont care because,, i miss her.. we talked and crapping and gossiping about bunch of stuff.. More about old frendz ( prmary school) haha. XD.. then when we arrived at her house (phew!! finally =D) we just, keep on chatting n talking n crapping n gossiping.. again... we keep each other up-to-date about EACH OTHER of course.. talk about frens, skewl n othe stuff.. the weather.. urmmm not so good .. it was raining.. but it cools us up!! XD whatever.. it was about 6.15 pm Hani's bro pick us up.. He sent me home ( im just thankful that i done have to walk. haha. XD)

It has been a great day.. Im going to miss you guyz.. hope i meet you guys again at the reunion party!! keep my fingers cross.. haha.. =)



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