Sunday, December 13, 2009


uihh,, da lama rasenye x blogging.. so i just blog la.. oke, smalam my family and I went to the ZON regency at kl ( dkt gler ngan klcc).. overnyte kat situ..  just for one nyte though.. when we arrive, the first thing we do.. settle in.. of course.. checking out the rooms,view and whatever.. after performing the Zohor prayers, we ( me and my sisters along with my brother followed by my mom) went to the swimming pool,, one of our favorite place in the world.. haha =D we swam for lyke approximately 3 hours.. from 3 pm to 6 pm.. we just love itt <333. we had soooo much fun especially me and Adlina (my younger sister = 2nd in the sisterhood, me im 1st or the eldest just fyi) because we had somethin quite "special" happened.. then after taking our proper bath at the room, my mom and dad wants to go to KLCC and ask me, Adlina and Amalia (my other sister) to join them.. kiteorg mmg suke bab2 berjalan nieyh.. so we said YES.. we ate at the food court and window shopping around the mall.. there were pretty lights and decorations at the center for celebrating Xmas,, whatever.. then, we BALEK LA... penatt lorh.. and the day end tremendously.. we get ready for bed, watch TV before sleep, eat ( gosh I ate a lot that day... u literally dont wanna know.. seriously) had our sister chat and gossip ( that's what we do best.. for me and Adlina.. we're lyke BFF except adding sisters.. BFSF.. that looks okay) then we sleep.. soundly.. haha  nahhh... we dont do that.. maybe.. i dont know, dont WANNA know... the next day (today) we wake up kinda early, got our buffet breakfast and went to the swimming pool again for 3 reasons..

1. Fulfill my beloved sister's request.. she keep asking us to go swimming again and again and again and again.. it's annoying

2. Hoping for that "special thing" happen again.. but with improvements.. lol

3. Like i said,, we just love going there..

and because we go to the swimming pool... I GOT SUN BURN!!!!! Kinda bad.. but not so lahh... thank god. ye la,, mane x nyerrr mandi kol 9.30 - 11. 30 mane x nye... aishhh.. btw, my 2nd reason.. didnt go as i expected.. it was kinda dissapointing but.. i'll get over it.. MAYBE!!!!! lol.. then we check out from the hotel.. and went to home.. before that we went to McD'S drive thru and buy food.. gosh thank god i was starving that time.. mom ur my lyfe saver...lol.. whatever.... when i got home,, the first thing that i reach is the laptop.. haha.. x lame x online.. 2 days to be exact.. haha.. maybe that's it for today.. haha. adios!!


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