Tuesday, December 29, 2009


i just found a HOT DAMN CUTE SUPERB guy when i was watching the new and latest BRING IT ON : FIGHT TO THE FINISH with my sister. seriously, when we both had our first look at him, our jaws just DROP!! seriously!!  the first thing we said " comel gler dye!!!" (serentak,, no im not kidding.. and we said that like almost shouting ) we then were lyke " OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!" we cant stop thinking about him.

but, the bad news is, the internet is such a fool coz it didnt have much pics of him.. they were some pics of him but very few. i need those.. LOL.. why is it called the world wide web if it doesnt have any info about him.. We cant even found his middle name.. GOD!!

whatever then..  just to let all of you know.. he is totally gonna be in our "DAMN HOT,SUPER CUTE & DROP DEAD GORGEOUS LIST" I'll tell you bout the list someother time.


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