Monday, December 12, 2011


I like that hair in the pic.. Nice :)

Okey !! this thing act, happened yesterday (11.12.11) My family and iwent to MIDVALLEY MEGAMALL to watch movies. Our movies is at 9.20 so before that, my sis and i went to A CUT ABOVE to get our hair done. Congratz to our :27: parents who successfully coaxed us into 'cutting' our hair.

So, after we were seated, the stylist came and consult us about what they will do. My stylist is a woman. Her tag says :

Dina's stylist is a guy. He said that Dina is pretty with short hair because of her face shape. So he said that he's gonna make SOMETHING LIKE a bob-cut like style

While me on the other hand, she said that my hair has the natural wave and it's thin * tipuu tipuu* but she said that i cant have too short hair coz it will make my hair like > kembang2 gituu* haha..( oke nieyh pown tipu gak ) :face44:

After deciding our style, we had our hair shampooed, then cut.. Lastly, 2 men blow dry my hair * i feel like a super star* Then, miss jess chin gave some finishing touch and VOILA .... a totally completely :100: look for me..When i look at myself in the mirror, it feels like im a new person.. And so does my sis.. We both fell totally in love with our new look.. We thanked our stylist and showed it to our mom.. Thanks mom for this <3

At home, we showed it to ayah and the others.. They all really liked it.. bajet :98: sket la kan?? haha.. So, this is going to be my 2012 look :):25:

:128: XOXO


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