Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bye 2011 , HELLo 2012 !

Its :100: year, Oh twenty-twelve ! Its THE year !! Omg, i cant believe its here already. Im gonna miss 2011 *do we have to say this every year?? haha* 2011 was a blast. Ive learned so many new things. Than you 2011. Realising its not coming back makes me appreciate life better.

So, 2012:114:
Many ppl make resolutions on new years but, so whats my resolution eh?

~ Study super duper extra hard.. ye lahh nak SPM kan??
~ Be a better person. Matured, appreciate and grow up.
~ Think better. Dont be pessimist.
~ Have as much fun as possible without negleting responsibilities.
~ Lose weight?? haha

Umm.. thats what i have on my list ryte now. I'll updated it later. haha. Klu letak byk2 nnty klu x dpt fulfill susah plak kn.. hehe

This year, im a :65:SUPER SENIOR !and of coz SPM. gosh , cant believe im sayin that. Wish me luck folks. So, idk how it will turn out. We finally will have juniors * kami baek laaa * hehe. Bu i kinda miss m pals in Terenak. Awwww klu x kite celebrate senior year same2 kan.. Mesti best. Dala cuti nieyh x dpt jumpe korang.

Anyway, praying for the best in 2012 !! :86:

#nk kene siap beli brg. Nak update blog lg, tp nk bwat camne kan . x sempat


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