Sunday, November 20, 2011

We're still BFFs !!

Salam.. hehe.. okay.. for this entry, i wanna talk about two of my :73: best friend since in primary skul.. hehe.. specially dedicated to her !!

Okay.. their names are :95: JAZMINA.. Jazmina is my best bud in SKSI2.. We still keep intouch with each other.. altho we seldom chat, but still .. it's wonderful.. i sure hope it will happen to my other buddies.. u know.. stay in touch n be chilhood frenz.. wahh !! or maybe teenhood frenz !! haha.. It's cool that we know that we are still remebered !! huhu..

A lot of fun this i did with JAZ like sleepover, hanging out, merepek-repek, being hactic and noisy, sharing secrets :face42:.. huhu.. i also remember that we banned our 'so-called enemy' :49:.. haha.. mcm ape je an.. then remember our project and dreams?? the dream that we wanna produce the "story" we created and you are the directer?? :10: haha.. anyway, it was the best story history has ever made !! :m: sungguh tinggi imaginasi kite ann?? haha

huhu.. missed the old times jaz .. and im really hoping that i could spend some more time with you.. *hopefully kite dpt hang* and im so grateful to have a BFF like yeww.. ILY, :h: haha.. mcm geli ann.. haha.. hope that we will be :27: BFF forever..

p/s: remember our challenge kay?:26:

:101: XOXO


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