Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Value Dream !!

Haha.. :58: the title is a bit wacky ryte.. haha.. try to translate it LITERALLY !! haha.. act, da lame da nk post psl nieyh tp ye lah kn.. i nieyh org penting, so bz la sket *tipu tipu*

Oke , after 15 years living in SAUJANA IMPIAN , KAJANG.. i finally moved to NILAI IMPIAN !! huhu.. at first, i dont even wanna move coz idk, i just dont wanna :face32:.. but later, i feel like i just have to accept everything and change my perception.. why not move !! it's only about:80: 30 mins to my former house *sometimes i dont understand why i move so close* haha.. i miss my old house , my old room but time to move on.. c'mon, 15 years is super long enuff dont u think..:59:

My sis -DINA HISHAM- and i get to give out ideas for our room..:61: like what color will it be, single beds or queen bed, the theme for the room etc. And im happy with the result.. but its not completely done *mom n dad thot of buying us a 3D mirror or something, idk will they ever buy it, just wait and see* :11: But now, i like everything about my new home !! huhu.. better than my former home ofc..

My new home have 7 rooms (one master bedroom for my parentz, danish's room , afrina n maya's room, dina's n my room, my maid's room, guests' room and AV room ) and 5 bathrooms.. :62: We have things that we dont have in our old home like the AV room, island in the kitchen, non-bladed fans etc.. :face51:

I'm gonna miss my old home:53: .. really !! so many memories ive collected there !! but i love my new home and hope that we are going to live better here.. AMIN !! :60: My parentz work their backs to provide us comforts in this house.. Thank You Mom And Dad !! ILOVEYOU !! :h::n:

xoxo :86:


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