Monday, December 20, 2010


Finally ,, this series is over... A HAPPY ENDING !! I started watching this drama since this vacayy .. And i like watching it ever since .. And finally today , (20th Dec) it's finished.. This is an indonesian drama series.. The main actors are NIA RAMADHANI && RANDY PANGALILA .. they are super cute together.. Yeah, sometimes i got mad & crazy just by watching this drama .. My sister and i were like screaming and shouting , cursing in front of the tv.. Yup , we did !! We're so like a maniac.. One time, when we were mad at RAKA ( a character of the drama ) we made a rap & beatbox spontaniously, just for him.. to show how much we hated him.. haha.. we enjoyed it, then repent !! hehe.. Anyways, i enjoyed watching it !! Thankz MD Entertainment !!



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