Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm OBSESSED !! please help..

I've been introduce by my beloved sis of an awesome korean group called SHINEE !! yeah, they're SUPERBLY and SICKING cool !! They're a TRIPLE-THREAT  if u ask me.. they sing, they dance and they have the cutest and gorgeous features..

these are the SHINEE group members:
 * LEE JINKI aka ONEW = lead vocal , leader
 * KIM JONGHYUN aka JONGHYUN = lead vocal
 * CHOI MINHO aka MINHO = rapper , sub vocal
 * KIM KIBUM aka KEY = rapper , sub vocal
 * LEE TAEMIN aka TAEMIN = sub vocal , lead dancer

each of them has his own special features that grabs attention . And i say, that they're cute !! TAEMIN , MINHO, KEY  has like a baby-face while JONGHYUN has the bad boy look and call Macho !! and for ONEW his handsome and sometimes cute !!

the list of songs that i like:

certain songs they have MV which is cool... their dancing is so damn cool.. i envy them.. i wish to learn all their moves..

usually, when there's a group or a band or whatever, we usually "pick" our favourite.. for instane, the JONAS BROTHERS !! I choose NICK & JOE !! They're hot plus cute.. haha :)  well, same as SHINEE, my favourite is MINHO . . And also JONGHYUN ..
Isnt he gorgeous??

The first song that i listened from them is AMIGO and RING DING DONG.. but i fell in love with LUCIFER !! I think right now is the best song on the planet :)  am i overreacting??  well, i should coz they're just AWESOME & COOL !! ME LOVE SHINEE !! They are the second korean group that i actually know after SNDS.. pathetic?? no just unexposed !! hehe..

owh just fyi, MINHO is an item with SNDS member KWON YURI or they call her YURI .. aww, and they look sooooo good together.. they're both cute !! awww... i just cant get enuff of them... huhu..




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