Wednesday, December 8, 2010

From Me To You !!

Look, im SORRY okay.. eventhough i actually don't know if it was me who did it.. and i know that it wasnt me.. so get real okay.. this is so frustrating.. i'm tired of people pretending in my face.. i know that things goes around and comes back right to our butt .. but maybe it's because of your own behaviour and attitude.. i know that some may think the same of me, but cant you tell me??? okay, if u dont want to then cant u atleast try.. i know some of u did.. and i totally appreciate it.. thanx.. i know i may not be the most perfect person,, but one thing, NO ONE FREAKINGLY CARES !! coz i know that no one's perfect.. we've heard it for a million, zillion, trillion times.. so, keep that in mind freak !! accept me and dont change me ( except if it's for my own good.. i may accept that ) hey, im open-minded la.. to those who i've their feelings before whether it's accidently or on purpose.. Im SORRY.. REALLY TRULLY SORRY.. im trying to be a better person this whole new year.. trying to forget bad things and start over a new clean canvas !! so, please forgive me..  but to those who hurt MY feelings.. i'll pray for you.. may you'll be cherished in every moment.. but i'll forgive you if you're willing to forgive me :)  so, i hope that u realise it okay..



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