Friday, December 31, 2010


OMG !! Today's the last day of two-thousand-ten .. jeez, i wish it will last longer . but what the hell am i talking about ?? who can stop time from flying extra fast !! It has been a wonderful yet miserabe year . But all i can say is ev'rything that happened is memories that i cherish & i can bring that througout my life . This year , i've gain so many precious moments , now all i hv to do is spread the love to the world !! Haha.. Despite that, because it's NEW YEAR'S EVE .. i think it's about time to renew or remake my RESOLUTION !! Coz some things i actually achieved . Yay for me !! hehe well , here are some things that i want to do in 


1) Be a better person . To everyone & everything .
2) Will not complain & whining about everything that happen to me. coz i know that everything happens for a reason
3) Be optimistic & a positive thinker of life
4) Dress my way & my style
5) Be strong & tough.. no more crying
6) Laugh out loud & have fun
7) Work hardER & smartER
8) Make people around me & myself proud
9) Be a nice & one-and-only friend
10) Hurt no one's feelings

so, maybe that's it !! Hope that i can accomplish this resolution.. i know i can !! 


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