Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Masquerade Night

On 21st February, during activity week of mjcs Terendak, a masquerade night was held. It was okay.. not that bad !! Okey, It's a 'GIRLS ONLY' party because it was 'HARI PUTERI' which means it for GIRLS and girls only !! All of us wear something unusual that night. Some wear dresses, gowns, jubah and many more.. An d all of us had to wear MASK !! (duh, it's a masquerade !! what do u expect !)

then , there's PRINCESS IDOL where anyone who wants to participate is welcomed. They get to sing!! yup, it's like a singing competiton lahh.. anyways.. i took lots of pictures (of course) so, i wanna share some of them..



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