Friday, October 15, 2010


My darlings !! Who are they ??  Yup, it's them !! The ones that makes my life easier, brighter, happier and colourful !! Without them, my life would be dark and dull with only black and whites !! Yeah they have their own style and they can be very supportive.. They could motivate you to become a better person in a way.. They can make me smile and laugh again when im down and hurt !! I love the so damn effing much !!

Aq sayang koramg sangat2!! These three years had been wild!! We face the ups and down together !! Hope we will still be BFFs eventhough we are seperated ( PKP or whatever ).. These are my BFFs !!

IEKYN = thank u atas sume counseling ko!! haha
ELEEN =  walaupun ko da duduk blok laen,, ko tetap di hati aq.. ce wahh !!
INTAN =  it was fun doing stuff together in this 2 years as aq start rapat ngan ko mase form2
ARA = ko slalu bwat aq gelak gler2!! haha.. thnx.. sayang ko <3
NIENA = ko antara yg paling bising dalam geng kite !! haha..

They are my balloons that i tie tightly to my heart so they wont fly out off my life.. Thank you guys !!
WITH LOVE from thielahisham


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