Sunday, March 13, 2011

Listen here !!

Yes, i'm missing you ahlot !! but my situation is very complicated ryte now !! where were u when i needed u?? yess u were there but not everytime ryte ?? but thats oke, i understand u very much !! i know u're still care for me , i know that !! but now please dont be mad at me.. im not the one who started it !! im in the middle of confusion here !! help me !! im in BELLA'S situation in the TWILIGHT saga.. lorh !!

***, dont think about it okay.. dont get me wrong ..im not that type of girl.. believe me.. that's all u need.. TRUST !! and i TRUST you too.. about that kiddo, it's nothing.. he's my brother waayyy before your mine.. no pressure okay..  and about that someone, eventhought u r not going to read this, pliz , i hope that u alwayz know that SARANGHAE !! J'TADORE !! yess,, no other okay.. he's like my BFF okayh !!

***** , U know ryte.. so pliz dont have your hopes too high !!  yes, i like being friends with u , and yes i sometimes treat you they way i shouldnt, and im sorry about that.. trully i am !! you know that its always him !!

me love you<3

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