Friday, July 19, 2013

Ramadan Is BACKKKK !!


Yaaaaayyy !! As all of us are aware it's RAMADAN :)) *blow up the fireworks*  So this year its a bit different as im experiencing it in a slightly different environment. All these years i've spent it at my high school but now . . .  imma big girl oredy. Spending it at INTEC with new friends and some old friends :)) Being in college is kinda cool because i can go home like almost every weekend. So this year i get the chance to break fast with my family even more compared to the last 5 years. 

So speaking of college, you have no idea how INSECURE i feel. I mean everybody there speaks english like so so so fluently and i really held back because i felt so insecure about it. Not because they're good, it's because of ME. I'm not THAT GOOD. so i stutter and mumble a lot. Yes i can speak a little but to some of them (i can guarantee if you were in my place, you'll understand) most of them are so good that they did'nt even sound Malaysian. My jaw literally drops whenever i hear them speak. Hogoshhhh ~ And also i fell asleep during one of my diagnostic test for IELTS and BAMMMM got the lowest in class for that!! Douche ive never ever get the lowest for reading. Like ever !!  So it seems like i have to improve my speaking skills. And not to forget read MORE :"(( I dont wanna get that kind of marks ever again. I wanna be a serious competitor to my classmates.



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