Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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29TH JUNE 2011

Woke up early for that.. 5.15 am !! yeah , i know.. i should hv my beauty sleep, but nooooo.. i need to what at that hour. So, reluctantly, i took my bath and prepare to go.. i wore my beloved BAJU BATIK for that evnt.. pffft

With the help of traffic, we (my mom n i) manage to get there within 1/2 hour .. we arrived there at 6.30 am.. yeah !! hell yeah !! i think im the first there.. the auditorium isnt opened yet..

rehearsal started at around 7.30 .. but the actual event was at aroung 10 am.. so do your math.. count how many hours i sat doing nothing.. oke, i lied.. i act, did something : texting + chatting with Eleen .. hey, far better that sitting alone doing nothing ryte ??

The event finished at 12 pm !! Pheww.. what a huge relief.. but i kinda like it coz i get to meet up with some of my old friends from terendak and RMC .. we took pics.. duhh, we're pics and cammy crazy !!

oke, now i'm at my mom's office.. hehe.. kat mane2 pown bole on9 n blogging kan kan kan .. hehe.. thats all for now.. nnty the pics that we took will be posted soon enuff wokeyh !! :)



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