Thursday, January 26, 2012

Journey 2

Yesterday, i went to Alamanda:61: with my family members. Yes all of them including Afrina and Danish. We watched a movie. Planned it on the last minute. My mom asked us what do we wanna do since they were still on leave. So we said "Hey why dont we watch a movie" So they agreed. We searched for what movie do we wanna watch. Then we chose Journey 2 : The Mysterious Island. Lol.

We havent heard of it.:face58: Coz never seen the trailer of anything. We thot that maybe it was the sequel to the first movie, Journey to the Centre Of the Earth. And we were right. So we booked our seat and we get ready to go out. And at that time, it was like 5.30 pm.:face42:

:86: The movie was not bad. Supposed to be in 3D *ye la, everything nk 3D je skrg kn* but we watched in 2D je. Malas nk pki spec dye tu *Bwat rosak tudung je. da la besau yg amat* Hehe.

this is the first movie

It was in this movie i fell in love with :face75: JOSH HUTCHERSON (okay, mate aq nieyh mmg x leh tgk guys yg hotstuff. Gatal kan) Omg, dye da bsaaaar da *ckp dlm nada mak yg ckp kat anak2* sumpah x tipu. Mase dye blakon dlm Zathura tu, he was like 10 (maybe) . But now. WOOT WOOT !! hensem gileeeee. Yuff plak tu. (Muke gatal balek) hihi. When he was in :65: Zathura, he looked like this :

And now he look like this.

Awww. :88: Hottie Lemottie !! I like. He reminds me of Taylor Lautner. Remember ? He was Sharkboy in Sharkboy and Lavagirl.
From This

To This
See what i mean? Gosh, And they're both 20 !! C'mon. Give me a break. Mmg sape yg lahir taon 1992 perlu jadi SUPERSTAR eh?? X aci la klu cmtu.

#X pe kan klu admire ramai org. Hehehe. Mentang2 la sume hott hott , sume ko nk admire :67:

:131: XOXO


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