Saturday, March 3, 2012

March !

I cant believe it. Its march already. I cant imagine how time flies extra fast this year. So many things happened in February and there's a lot to tell.

Btw, da lame x update Blog nieyh. Bkn blog je h=yg jadi mangse. FB n Tumblr pown turut menjadi mangsa ke'buzy'an aq. cewah bajet org penting je. Tp btol la, byk bende kowt bwat. EMC la, Kepo la, dgn exam lagi.

Speaking about exam. Alhamdulillah, minggu nieyh br je abez exam. Now we're preparing for activity week. This year's activity week is kinda different from last year's. We will have a ASTRONOMY AND ASTRONAUT CLUB and it will be official by Dr SMS. Yup. Biiiiiig !!

As for my exam, i've done everything that i could. Now im just praying for the best and tawakal. Let everything in Allah. Klu x elok nk wat cmne lgi kan. Maybe that's a way to tell me that i have to work harder. Yelah SPM 2012 candidate la kate kaaann. I've registered for my SPM the other day. It's official, i am now an SPM candidate*grrrrr just by reading that makes me nervous*

Anyway, next week the school hols are coming. Yeay !! Rase mcm da lame je x balek. So much things that needs to be done. Cant wait toget back. So maybe at that time, i'll upload every pics that i have in my cammy.

So, maybe that's all for now. It's 6 pm and i havent pray or take my shower yet. So , i gotta do what i gotta do. Toodles~

#TadiAdePilotYangComel..... MmgUshaAbezLa



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