Friday, May 25, 2012

Homeeeeeeeeeeee :)

Hoyeah ! Finally I'm back babehh !! As they always say, HOME SWEET HOME !! After how long i can't remember, i haven't been blogging. I know i know. Sorry about that. Even though i came back home before the debate thingy in my school, i never find the time for me to update my Mr Bloggie right here. Sorry darl. Heee XD

Okay, to get started, i just finished my Final Semester 1 Examination. The last Final Semester Examination everrrr for high school. After this, there's no more high school's final examination. Sob sob :'(  Anyway, i think my exam this time SUCKSSSS !!!!! It was just soooooooo super duper hard. Ntah maktab mane ntah yang gi buat soalan susah2 tu. Thought wanted to burn that school down. Haha. Nak kate tak study, i was surely burning the midnight oil. But who to blame? I got no one else to blame but myself, Maybe my learning and studying technique is not right. Or maybe i started revising a "teenie tiny a little bit" late. Lol. So, i think i just have to wait for the result to come to my home. Mr Postnen, please get lost or something. Lol.

Surely , i won't get 4.00 cause that's highly impossible and more like never-gonna-happen sort of thing. But i really really really want to get 3.5 above atleast for my GPA ! Aminnnn.. Pray for me taw taw taw..

So, maybe that's it for this post. I'll sure update more later. There's sooooooooooooo many things to talk about. Later

*Hope result okay la kan. Tak nak dapat B- and below...



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