Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adios May ! Olla June !!

Wow, time flies super fast. June has come and May's curtain is finally closing. Yeh, another month have gone and it's never coming back. So what did i get from the whole month? Did i really use the time to do what i'm supposed to ? Oh well.

So, if today's June , it only means that it's getting closer and closer to November. Which also means that I only have 5 months to get all my grades up ! I'm soooooooooooooooooooooo NOT readyyyyyyy ! Please please please . I'm helpless right now. Whatever it is, i need to face it and can't escape or postponed it (tapi NAZMI FAIZ MANSOR tu postpone boleh je kan) Hahaha.. cahh nak bandingkan dengan Nazmi tak tahan  tuuuuu~ So, i'm hoping for the best.

Okayy. Since today is the first day of the month, There's a few things going on. First, my mom's car is finally HEREEEEE !! It's a Volkswagen Polo ! Red. And the plate number tu , as always number familyyy. Hehe

Tengok side sini je.

Bukan niat nak show off ke ape. Just nak update. buat kenangan first JUNE this year. Secondly, my family and I are going to spend our first five days of june in Indonesia. We're going to Jakarta today. Our flight is at 7.30 pm . So, i'm excited.

Let's Fly !! Haha. So, Kalau ade Wi-fi kat sana insyaAllah i'll update lagi blog nih. Kalau tak, kene tunggu bile balek nanti laaa.

*Updating this blog while eating McD's Chicken Foldover. Reminds me of @Kuaci_Man so much. Lol. I wonder what is he ding right now. Anyway, have fun in Beijing dude :)



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