Thursday, November 29, 2012


So as everyone know, im now officially out of the school.
so im gonna spend time at home, going for holiday, hanging out WITHOUT HOMEWORKKKKKK !!! oyeah . but actually, there's no difference . all these time i never did my homework at home : hihi . . .

so im gonna miss MRSM Taiping.many things happen , all the sweet and bitter memories , the fun things thst we did, the time we did crazy things.

i will certainly miss 511 . after 2 years together, everybody knows that we're the most unique and united class ever ! im going to miss everyone ! nik nad awra tym mira pau dona zatil cuer shake salsa wani haris fariq aiman pit loqo syapek zam afiq asfa boss syarip adri

 forever in my life i will remember all these PIRANHAS :)



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