Saturday, December 1, 2012


Helloooo December. another month has gone. Bye bye november. it has been the most stressful and tiring month ever in my 17 years of life coz its the month of SPM ! but . . . no more. im officially a LEPASAN  SPM  now !!! Wohoooooo~

there are so many things that i've planned to do. Driving lisence, hangout , movie marathons, WORK (yeah i,ve considered that and its not such a bad idea) and so many more :(( but im pretty sure im gonna spend this deember with my family and friends. coz im selescted to go to PLKN *bummer* i really really dont want to gooooo , ,  pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !! i really dont want to go. why im choosen. yeah yeah people say that "it's not that bad" "its fun to go" bla bla bla ... urghh !! i hate it BIG TIME !!

Click on the picture for a clearer view

Wher the heck is DE BANA ????? Homaigod i think i wanna kill myself !! urghh !! ive been waiting years to take my driving lisence *literally years* but everything is ruined by that FOUR LETTER WORLD !! hate you. Mom said, if i want to take my driving license, i have to wait until i get back from PLKN. whattha ?? like seriously?? this is soooo stressful !

Mood change drastically !! homaiiiiiiii ~ anyway, i really i really hope that this month would be the awesomest evvvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!



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