Saturday, December 15, 2012

Been There Done That: part 2

So the next day is MOVIE WORLD time :) Well i think this is one of the best park ever.

So when i got in here, i feel like im in a superhero festival. Because all i see are those Marvel superhero wax dolls, and rides. And i it awesome i tell you. 

The dudes yang menunggu kedatangan ku :p

So the first ride we rose is called THE BATWING. This ride is batman-themed. We sit down four by four, i rode this with dina maya and dad. Then, it blast off so fast and high, it feels like you're literally in a jet. Rase macam tertinggal perut kat lantai. But it was awesome. Kain seluar terbang terbang. Nasib baik tak terangkat tinggi. LOL xD ayah at first cuak jugak, but he's cool. Kakngah yang jerit kuat. That is so her.

Next we went in the HALL OF JUSTICE to ride on ---> JUSTICE LEAGUE the ride. This is where we helped the JUSTICE LEAGUE to save the world. With lasers. hahahaha !! This is the ride like Transformers. 3D thingy. I lost to Maya, she shot the most. But i shot like a pro. hehe. Yang ride ni, we all one family naik but in a separate car (can i call it a car?)

Third thing, ICE AGE 4 : THE DAWN OF THE DINOSAUR 4D. Like every 4D show, ade kerusi gerak2 , air terpancut, and feels like we're in it. This one is Xmas-themed and Afrina had a really good time. She burst out laughing out loud.

The next one is one of the best. SCOOBY-DOO SPOOKY COASTER. yes, it is spooky alright. if you watched the movie, the car is actually the same. I love it. But scared at the same time. It;s dark and eerie sound fills the air. There's this one time, our car naik thing elevator thingy then tibe2 dia senyap. For quite sometime la jugak, I thought dia nak lepas ke bawah, tengok2 dia turun macam bukit but backward and its dark so tak nampak. Memang jerit la ! hahaha  but its not that spooky la, ive been on worst. This is one of my fav ride in MOVIE WORLD :)

The WILD WEST FALLS You'll travel past Indian reservations, ghost towns, geysers and wagon trains to put you right in the middle of a western movie set.Yang ride ni naik on some kind of a log then dia bawak naik tinggi and turun. the first one turun backwards but not so high, yang second one turun face first, but tunggi gila. 70 degree. Habis basah kitorg. haha best sgt sgt.

We ride on SUPERMAN ESCAPE! The highest roller coaster ever! You're taking a nice ride through the Metropolis roller coaster subway. Then bang! Rumble! Earthquake! Before you know it LOOK UP IN THE SKY, IT'S SUPERMAN!- propelling your carriage skyward at 100km per hour! Go from zero to 100km an hour in only two seconds. This ride is the most wanted ride. queued for almost an hour for this ride but it's worth it !

Then there are also shows in the middle of the park. There ScoobyDoo and the gang, Batman, Looney tunes and many more ! Then we go to the Kids' site. Its so cute there. Makes me want to be a little kid back

But, im so sad because there are two of the most biggest attraction that we didnt get to ride. Its the GREEN LANTREN and ARKHAM ASYLUM. Bummer . we were so looking foward for this two but what to do. Bende ni bukan 10 December. bengong gila. Dah la rides dia EPIC !

The next day : Day 4. We went to WET n WILD WORLD. Yup it is literally wet and wild

there are Epic rides here. I rode on almost everything except for 3 major rides because there are so many people. We were a lil bit heartbroken but oh well. The rides that we dont get to ride is the TORNADO , THE BLACKHOLE and the CONSTRICTOR. name gempak gempak kan?

So, the first ride is the AQUA LOOP ! sumpah bende ni style. We have to wear this lifejacket-like board ob the back. then naik tangga, and at the top you will see this 4 tubes. Sorang masuk satu tube. I got the yellow tube. Mase kat dalam tube tu kita kene berdiri, sandar kat dinding tube tu, silang kaki and tangan pun silang jugak pegang board punya tali. then ade dengar countdown " 5 , 4 , 3 , 2, 1"and right after that, lantai tube yang kita pijak tu tibe2 hilang. ZOOM memang laju turun. Huhuhu awesome gila slide ni

Then kitorg naik SUPER 8 AQUA RACER ! this one macam kat sunway. Yang kene meniarap tu. That one best jugak. I got to use the purple board. Hehehehe !! But this one is higher and faster.

After that kitorang naik RIVER RAPIDS. name je ade river tapi tak de pun. Its a slide jugak. 4 to be exact. 2 closed and 2 open. Best la naik ni. very loopy and high. Kurus aku time pegi wet n wild ni sebab semua kene naik tangga tinggi tinggi.

MAMMOTH FALLS. Its an awesome white-water rafting experience on Mammoth Falls with my family. Wind around the raging rapids in a four-person tubes on this 250 metre long slide, as we were twisted and turned all the way to the bottom.

The SURFRIDERS. This one is a ride yang tak main air. 16 person being 'tied' on a surf board. then it brought us up and down and up again. I was scared at first but Maya told me that we've been on higher, we've been on faster and we've been on spinnier. LOL

Then Dina and me we went on MACH 5 and KAMIKAZE together. Maya nak pegi main kat beach pool with afrina. So we went just the two of us. Both of this ride is in the EXTREME H2O section.

 The MACH 5  is so high up, i cant recall how many levels we went. Mach 5 ni ade 2 slide utk ramai (kene pakai float) and ade 3 slide untuk sorang. Kitorg naik yang sorang sbb x de flaot.. Yang personal slides tu is one level higher from the family punya. The slide sangat sangat tinggi, curam and laju ! Best weiii !!!!

KAMIKAZE pulak lagi gila ! this one wajib naik 2 orang. no more, no less. Ride on this big yellow float. Went up the stairs while bringing it up for about 3 levels. then duduk facing each other. then slide down backwards/facefirst 70 degree. Yang ni macam main boomerang kat Bukit Merah. Tawu tak yang macam huruf V tu. But this one lagi cuak kowt.

The last and final ride kitorang naik is thee most thrilling one. it's called the SKY COASTER. this ride is not FOC, kene bayar. Ade for single, double and triple. We went for triple (me, dina and maya) mom and dad tak berani nak naik. So they just watch from downstairs. Dia ikat kitorang bertiga together, and kitorang punya condition is MENIARAP !! yes meniarap with nothing to hold but each other's arms. Like this

and then, the rope pull us up up up up up high into the sky. Seriously time tu rase macam nak mati pun ada. Bayang kan la, the view is . . .  gosh i can see everything and all of the people seems like ants. No kidding. I always dream of being able to fly but not like that. hahaha. after we reach the maximum height. then the speaker said "3 . . 2 . . 1 . . FLY !" at that time Dina pulled the string and  WHOOOSHHHH we go !! Sumpah seraaaaaaaaaaammmm. Bende ni buat kitorang macam pendulum tawu tak !! Grrrrrr~ cuak cuak. When i get down, i think that was the closest thing to death. hahaha. THAT'S WHAT WE CALL A FINALE !

After all the fun at Wet n Wild World, we changed our clothes and head to HARBOUR TOWN to go shopping ! HT ni kire macam tempat Factory Outlet , and murah la. Ternampak ramai Malaysians jugak kat sini. After that, we went back to our hotel. Had dinner and we to bed. what an awesome day. 

-END of PART 2-



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