Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Been There Done That part 3

My last day in Gold Coast. That morning we had our last swim in the blue ocean and in the pool. It was sad to leave that  place yknow. The best hotel ever. But we checked-out form the hotel at 10 and made our way to Sea World. We spent a few hours there to watch shows and see animals that we've been dying to see. Penguins, of course our all time favourite. We get to see them so close but sadly i cant feed them.

 There are Spongebob Squarepants' Parade. Veyy attractive and colourful. I danced along with the music. It was fun.

After that, we walk around the park and saw different sea animals. We get to see a polar bear. i mean for real. A real , alive polar bear. how cute !!

At one time, me and Afrina rode this pirateship called CASTAWAY BAY and i got soaked. i was soaking wet. I didnt expect it would be like that. The coordinator did warn us. 

"Do you know that you're gonna get wet riding this?"

I did say yes because i thought that she was just kidding. But i was completely W.R.O.N.G ! Memang habis basah lencun weiiii. I tried to use the people dryer but it was no use. I let it dry naturally. But it was fun. Many people shot us with the water guns. But what annoys me the most, the time that i didnt ride that thing, no one shoots. Urghh !!

Then, we raced against the time to go to the show. We made it to watch 2 shows. Sea lion show and a dolphins show. Both are great ! The sea lion show was anout the sea detectives solving a crime and the dolphins show was showing how spectacular dolphins can be. I love dolphins.

It was fun and a wonderful experience ever. It was definitely the best vacation ever in my life.I will remeMber what dad said to me.

"You're lucky you know. After 46 years only i get to go to the best place and beach in the world. And you're only 17"

Thank you mom, thank you dad for this  SUPER DUPER AWESOME time of my life. So, maybe next time we'll go some other place?? LOL XD



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