Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Been There Done That : part 1


Heyyaaa !! So, i got back from my vacation -The best one everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr- so im about to blog about it. Brace yourselves. 

So, our departure from LCCT was at 10.30 am on 5th Dec . so we have to be there atleast 1 and a half hour before. We rode a taxi/van there. At home, nenek atok and bibik ada. Dorang jaga rumah la kiranya. then after check-in barang and everything, we waited and ate a little. We brought 2 big luggage of clothing (the whole family) and a bag for the upcoming souvenirs but at the time being we put in foods.

The 8-hour flight felt so long sometimes but i was prepared. brought books to read but frankly speaking, most of the time i just sleep. coz i think that's even better.When i arrive at GOLD COAST AIRPORT, its already dark. At that time it was 8.10 pm. It's 2 hours earlier that Malaysia's time zone. so in Malaysia, it's 6.10 pm. After that we went to our hotel with a taxi.
Sea Temple at Soul, Surfers Paradise
 At first macam sesat jugak la. We've been moving around and around and around but at last , we made it.

This is our hotel 

the interior design of this hotel is just magnificent. My first reaction was  . . . "WHOA" and it's the best hotel i've ever stayed. after unpack sume, kitorg rest je la. Ye la, penat kowt. And online jap. Thank god ade wifi. Afrina happy la die bole main game die.

Subuh in Gold coast was at 3.22 am (that's 1.22am in Malaysia) awal gile kan? There, kul 5 dah cerah dah. Macam kul 7-8. Because it's summer. So the DAY time is longer. Dalam kul 6 lebih tu, dah ade orang kat beach tu. Swimming, cycling, jogging, skateboarding. Dorang mmg rajin workout. Speaking of summer, all the people there wear Short pants and they have coloured nails. Awesome kan? But sometimes kan, nampak pants yang lebih kurang same, trend kowt. Its like duotone. Cewahh mentang2 ade tudung dua tone kan. hahahaaa..
their nail colours are sooo vivid. cantik sangat
At 9 we get ready and pack things that we need, Sunblock, water, towels, swimming suit. And off to Dreamworld and Whitewater World.

It was AWESOME !! The first ride that we went on is the BUZZSAW. bende ni dia laju naik tinggi and almost 90 degrees. sampai kat atas dia pusing pusing turun. naik, pusing, turun. but laju gila. Best la, time ni bole tahan ramai orang because its thefirst thing that you'll see when you get there.

then we go on the THUNDER RIVER RAPID. this one is a family ride. Just duduk duduk je. nothing much *cewahh* but best la. Sedap je duduk. But actually, its not that relaxing taw coz macam nak tonggang terbalik jugak, but x la teruk sangat. haha

Next, mom and dad brought afrina and danish to Whitewater World, because they are getting restless. So im left with Dina d Maya. So we went to MOTOCOASTER. kat sini macam saket hati sket bukan sebab tak best, but beratur LAMA GILA NAK MATI. bende tu rosak dua kali so we have to wait for the engineer to fix it. But when we get on it, it was fun. Macam naik moto betul. haha

The next one is, THE CLAW. dgr name pun seram kan. This one it takes you up like a pendulum from 2 o'clock to 10 o'clock sambil turn 360 degrees. Peeeeh best gilaaaa !! kalau THE CYCLONE pulak roller coaster macam biase je, tak la laju sangat but COOL. Ramai nak naik!

Next, we went on WIPEOUT. This one, memang macam kene uli. Dia bantai macam ape je. Pusing pusing pusing. Kejap ke depan kejap ke belakang, senget senget la. Brrrr gila ! If ypu guys ride on this after your meal, hahahaha you're gonna lose it.

Then, we went to SHREK and MADAGASCAR. Rode on a few kids thing like the roller coaster, Gingy's Glider. Comel je. So colourful. Actually, its more like Afrina's place laa :)

The last but not least, the one that we've been looking forward to is THE GIANT DROP. The name says it all kan? This ride took like 45 mins to hour queue. But it was worth it. It brought us 39 storeys high *no kidding* we could see the Ocean from up there. It took us up slowly and steady and pause. the moment bila dia stop tu yang gerun because anytime bole dia jatuh. That's the thrill part la. After a while the suddenly . . .   FREEFALL !! seriously. memang dia bwat macam freefall. Mane tak menjerit time tu. But it was AWESOME.

What we had for dinner is another story. Mase tengah jalan2 kat Cavill avenue and Surfers Paradise boulevard, we tried to find something to eat. Alhamdulillah! Ade jugak benda yang halal. Certified. So we got pizza and kebab. Pehh pizza ade, kebab ade memang bole la hidup kat sane. Satisfying. Not because sebab tgh lapa (but mmg tgah lapa pun), but the taste is sooooo good :))) so i can conclude that the things that we had for dinner are pizza, kebab, subway sandwich, maggi (from home) Layan la. 

Each morning, we wake up early and spend the morning at the beach and pool. Name pun SURFERS PARADISE kan. So logically, a paradise for surfers are . . .  THE WAVES ! Just imagine it. 
My description of the beach:
~ Clean, white, floury-like sand
~ Blue, cold and crystal clear ocean
~ Strong, tidal waves
~ Seagulls everywhere
~ the best beach you could ever imagine

JSYK, pantai dia tak dalam pun. i mean the further you go, the water level is only at you knees or thighs, but the waves is strong and makes it look deep.



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