Monday, December 31, 2012

366 out of 366

So it's 3IST DECEMBER 2012 now. only a few hours away from the new year, 2013. i dont know what to feel. happy? sad? excited? devastated? miserable? its a little bit of everything actually.
2012 is coming to an end. There were good moments and heartbreaking moments. So I gladly bid farewell to 2012 and welcome 2013 ♥ Page 366 of 366 - been through ups and down, yet i'm still standing strong. 2012 taught me a lot of new things in life.

so new year's eve eh? hmmmm~ i dont know why i should feel this way yknow. maybe its about the plkn thingy. oh waut did i mention i get to change my placement? i got at MILLENIUM, BERANANG *sigh* well atleast, afnan is going to be there too. better somebody i know than no one at all.

Another thing about this whole 2013 thing is that, i'll be one year older, one year more experienced, one year more matured. and i have to be a better person because im going to be 18 soon. which is good at somepoint. who doesnt want to be 18 right? but im not ready to grow up

anyway, i didnt plan to have any resolutions coz i never achieve it. but why not this year?? hahaha so i'll try to list down a few :
 1) have fun at plkn and get that thing finish and over with
2) achieve straight A+ s . insya Allah
3) get into any U and study what I WANT !!!!
4) get my driving license . . . fast ! i wanna drive !!
nnty kat twitter and facebook mesti ramai gile bwat countdown kan. lol. nak join la!! hehehe. oh by the way, just updated my tumblr page. hehehe dah bersawang dah. so you guys can check them out *bajet artis kejap* www.thielahisham.tumblr.com/
so maybe thats it for now. just a short update :)


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