Saturday, March 16, 2013


Hip hip hooraaaaaaaaaayyyy !! i officially graduated from PLKN !!! I made it !! Cant believe it's been 75 dayssssss~~ ouhh that feeling when we throw our beret into the skyyyy :') Seriously it was fun knowing them all ! Tu laaa~ hari tu mati mati tak nak masuk. Tengok sekarang ni. Yes. Its true !! But the thing s , the reason that i'm sad to leave camp is because of my FRIENDS. Nothing else. We only knoe each other for 75 days or less ! But we're so close like we've know each other for yearasssss :) Im gonna miss all the SABAHANS, SARAWAKIANS and also the SELANGORIANS. The fact that we might not see each other again is seriously hurts me but what to do. Everything that starts, must end at some point. They were awesome :) We may not get the best camp, or coach or even get to do all the programmes, but we have the best group of people as 'PELATIH" EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So a picture worth a thousand words so.... let the pictures speak for themselves

These are the angels that made my days at camp. Seriously, i love every single one of you and hope we'll be friends eventhough PLKN is over. It hurts to be seperated from you guys. I'll pray for the best and goodluck for your future. Please dont forget me as i will never ever ever forget you :P Thanks for all the laughter, tears , happiness and problems that we've shared together. Love you forever !!



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  1. wuuu sedihnya baca :P hahaha, aku dapat rasakan kesedihannya :')