Thursday, March 21, 2013

The tense is finally over~

Alhamdulillah~ Giving my greatest gratitude and I'm thankful for what Allah has given me :) It wasnt expected and i really cant believe myself. That feeling of gratefulness was beyond me yesterday. Syukur alhamdulillah~

Congratulations to all of my friends. You've done your best and you guys deserve it :) Hope that each and everyone of you an maintain and improve your results in university~ Can believe that we're going to universities, not a school girl/boy anymore~

I would like to give my acknowledgement to my MOM and DAD for believing in me, praying for me, give full support and attention to me. Mom, this is a birthday present from me to you :')

To all of my teachers, Cikgu Anisah, Teacher Norbita, Cikgu Aiza, Cikgu Zahari, Cikgu Hasleyza, Ustaz Sofi, Cikgu Raja and Cikgu Nasrin . . . THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH ! I cant thank you enough for what you did. You taught me and my friends your hearts out . Only  Allah can repay you all for everything :') Without them, i certainly wont get that KIND of result.

And to all of my friends, espeacially 511, le awesomest class everrrrr !! thank you so much for all the knowledge that you've shared with me. The times when i asked for solutions and teachings, you guys been a goodsport and always helped me understand things better. I LOVE YOU GUYS :')



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