Thursday, April 25, 2013

The turning point of my life

Assalamualaikum and hey there guys !! I'm so sorry for NOT POSTING this blog for a while i mean, its been ages i know. Just cleaned up the cobwebs and dust that i managed to collect here. 

Anyway, since now i'm officially a post-SPM student -as its been a month or so since my result day- i have all the freedom and boredom of doing nothing and stay home. Yes i'm lovin it. Who dosen't like to think about nothing but just to have fun, waking up at 12, watch movies all day long and hangout with bunch of friends? WHO DOESN'T LIKE THAT? TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME ..... something i don't know. tell me something i don't know *starts singing* ouhh sorry for that :P

Yeah its been a month of more since i graduated from PLKN so yeah means im here rearing fats. I actually lost weight and people said i look slimmer *hahahahahahahahaha* *not bragging* but yaaaay !! (lain kali kalau nak kurus masuk PLKN) promo jap. Now come to think of it. If i continue my current lifestyle for who knows how long, im gonna be back to square one though. I'm currently waiting for MARA and UPU offers. So only Allah knows when i'll be start recalling myself as a student back. But this time. College student :p 

Alhamdulillah~ Been offered to many Universities. Basically, every course and uni that i applied i managed to secure a palce. But now considering the price, location and course, i'm still hoping for the best and play by ear of where i'll be going. To be honest, i have a serious matter of making decisions on which course should i take. That's the major problem here. I would love to learn everything (except engineering. I don't know why but its just not me. Even though majority of my friends are taking this course, but i don't know. yes this course will make you dough when you work but its just not right for me. Nothing captivates me of being IR. NUR ATHILAH IZZATI . But that sure sounds awesome right. only because its MY NAME :p) anyway, i applied for almost different paths of courses and not in the same group. Medic , accounting, psychology, optimetry, dentistry even logistics are all on my list. 

So its a problem for me to decide and a problem for my parents to plan. Its hard though being me. It's like you don't know what do you see yourself doing as a career for the rest of your life. I know its a HUGE decision as its the turning point of your life. This is going to determine how your life will be in the future and its going to effect everything. This is literally the hardest decision making ever after choosing your team in The Voice :) 

Mom and dad keep giving me pressure because this is the point in my life where i SHOULD be concerned and know what i want to do already. Yeah i know they're pressured too but that's just my problem. I can't decide. Dad keeps giving his opinion on accounting and others. Just trying to keep my mind off psychology. They're both are skeptical about it but i know why. Soooooooooooo, i'm pretty sure that everything will work out and the answers will lay right before me sooner or later. But i hope it's soon :)

I'm so so proud of all of my peers as well. Everyone is doing so good As we aren't a high schoolers anymore, it's hard to accept reality that we are growing and moving on to the big world now. Not hangiong out that often anymore. By the time we all be meeting again, maybe one of us will get married, have kids and some of us are working and having different lives. It's sad to say that we are going to our separated ways and destined paths of our own but as long as i have them by my side and i know that i'll always be there by their side. yknow, Fariq is going to ITALY this July or August. This is huge !!!! So proud of him. The first one to fly oversea in our class and batch :)) Pray for the very best for you mannn :) 

Everything's gonna be alright. I HOPE :))))



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