Monday, April 29, 2013

The last day of April

Its the last day of April and there's a few things happened today. Okay i lied there's only one thing happened :)) I PASSED MY JPJ TEST !! WO HOOO ~~ Alhamdulillah Praise To Allah :) Finally i'll be getting my P license in 2 days :)

Just so you know i'm on #TeamAdam and #TeamUsher this season on The Voice but frankly speaking i love Blake and Shakira too so i cant really choose. But i'll just go with the flow :) I'll decide on the Knock-Out round. We just finish with the Battle Rounds so we'll see from there :)

So currently i need to catch up and watch ANTM Cycle 19 :) Ive been a fan of this series for so long i cant even remember. I am a total big fan :)) I just love Tyra Banks so so much :) She's like my inspiration. She is Flawless and just Fearless.


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