Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Assalamualaikum and Good Day earthlings . . . 

Alhamdulillah, Praise to God. My choices of further studying is getting wider and wider. After getting tons and tons of offers, i can finally say i feel like a famous person who people are pushing each other to get my autograph (May i have your sign ?? *oh my English*) okay merepek. Back to reality. Alhamdulillah im so so thankful to be blessed with such things. So these are the offers that i got.

1) MARA offered Psychology at INTEC and will be flying to Queensland,Australia in 2 years.
2) Min. High Education offered Allied Science Foundation at International Islamic University Malaysia 
3) Nottingham University offered Foundation in Science
4) MSU offered Foundation in Science
5) MMU offered Foundation in Information Technology 
6) Foundation in Science at Segi University 
7) last but not least from MedicMesir 

But to be honest, it all comes down to the top two choices because i get scholarship out of it. And here comes the BIG DILEMMA !!!!!!!!!! i really cant choose between both of the offers. I WANT to study overseas and at the same time the course is . . .  making me nervous. Ye laaaa tak kan nanti belajar jauh2 susah2 bagai tengok2 x de keje kan.

Yes, i wanted to study psychology at first. Really wanted to and i dont know why. Even my parent are against it. So now i get what i wanted *is that a sign?* When i was waiting for the MARA result, i've been exposed to the pharmacy scope and surprisingly i love it. And when ive been offered at UIA i was like yaaaay maybe i can be a pharmacist after all but then comes the MARA thing.

I feel bad about giving up the whole Aussie thing. I don't want to let it go AND AT THE SAME TIME I DONT KNOW WHICH COURSE SHOULD I TAKE. Oh boy this is so so frustrating. I've been doing my Solat Istikharah but i still cant see where im heading. 

I really hope that Allah would show me the best way for m because my whole future and life are in jeopardy if i choose wrongly. And i have to make decision fast because i cant stand when my parents ask me "So, what's your decision??" and stuff like that. So i hope that Allah would help me. Amin~ InshaAllah ~

And i would like to say congratulations to all of my friends. WE DID IT !! No matter where we will be learning, just remember that wherever you learn, it means nothing if YOU DONT work hard. It's you, YOURSELF that would make any difference. Tak kesah a oversea ke, private ke, public ke, matriks ke, form 6 ke. If you work hard enough , you'll achieve what you deserve.



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  1. fikir leklok. doa bnyk2 then ikut naluri hati kau. pilih yg diri kau rasa kau boleh pegi dgn course tuhh. aku doakn yg terbaik utk kau mana2 bidang ponn :) belajo leklok nnti.