Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Since i've been so bored to death lately , probably because i've been sitting at home all day without doing anything else besides online, tumblring, tweeting and watching movies . . . and also eat, eat, and eat. So you've guessed it. I gained weight!! Like BIG TIME. Since my dad doesnt let me work, i decided to do something a bit more practical and not wasting so much time (other than increase my driving skills by sending my siblings and my family)

I decided to learn some dance moves and new songs on the piano. So basically, i've learned NOTHING LIKE US, WHEN I WAS YOUR MAN, A THOUSAND MILES and BABY for now ! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy !!! So next, is going to be STAY and also JUST GIVE ME A REASON. I love these songs *____*

For dancing, i've learnt the ALL THESE BOYS and THAT POWER. And also a few more moves to finish  our own choreography for KISS YOU which i choreographed it with my sister. Would love to record it but i'm not that good so i guess that i only keep  it for myself. So yeah ! That's it for now. Will be doing more dancing and piano playing in the future (or atleast before i go to university)



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