Friday, May 16, 2014


It has been a hell of a rollercoaster lately; physically and emotionally. I've realised that I am becoming someone that I know I have always been, but I didnt expect it to be so soon. I know I am like this, always had, but I cant believe it emerged already. Congratulations, you succeeded bro. Unleashed the Beast.

I have a talent in pretending, faking and hiding myself from the truth. Im an expert if i want to be, trust me. But most of the time, i would just say and show what i feel just to give a slight hint to those around just to see who's observing, who would concern and who would just ignore and dont give a shit. You can say its like a test or something but whatever. But all and all, i know i suck the world doesnt have to constantly remind me. But as pretty suck as I am, i know im better than a whole lot of people because i dont do and think the way some people do and who the heck cares. Selfish? Dont give a damn as long as what i am doing is right for me and right for a certain others than i dont think there'e anything wrong with it.

And i hate pretenders and fakers so effing much probably because i CHOOSE not to be fake and NOT to pretend even though i know i have the chance to. Just because im good at it, does that mean i HAVE to do so? NO !! Basically, the world does not revolve around you, you didnt even own it. so just STFU. In everybody's life, everybody is the main actor and everybody is important. You wont be thinking others is much more important in YOUR world right. Im not talking about family, siblings or any other closely related members that you will reject and refute on. Yes i know that. But tell me how many people wont think about themselves in every situation. Exactly. It is YOUR OWN freaking life. Why would you let others take the lead.You settle in for your own life.


Finished THE FAULT IN OUR STARS *fireworks* *confetti*  OMG I read. I actually read. Gosh i cant believe myself. Hahahahahaha *patting myself at the back* For me, its a good story. Different from others and the words written is simple and easy to read. Maybe thats why i get to finish it and didnt think it as a heavy book. My sister asked me which part makes me cry like hell (so what? can someone cry reading a book?) , well maybe i was just me; You know, for someone who didnt read much who came across an emotional-stirring book, of course i would cry. Compared to her. She reads everything of course she read something else that is more dramatic and heart-breaking. Duuuuuhhh ~

Oh there's this on time, in Biology class, we learned about cell and organelles and the whole thingnamajig, and i came across "Omnit cellular e cellular" or something like that. And i literally remembered it from that book. I mean, the first time i see that phrase is in that book and the next day, i learned it in class. Omg i was so hyped !! Hahahahaha i feel like Gosh, we really CAN learn something new when we read. HAHAHAHAHA well, i knew that already but that feeling . . . .

Okay? Okay.
The world is not a wish-granting factory.



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