Sunday, December 28, 2014


It's almost 2015. Omg i cant believe how fast time flies. I survived another year of misery, wonder, pain, well-spent, back-breaking, emotional riding year where so many thing happened and many thing we've been through. But now, its time to prepare for a whole new ball game (its what i say every year)

So, another 2 semester of INTEC and then God knows what. I will just have to survive another 6 months. Okay? Make a comeback for my grades and IELTS omg dont even get me started with IELTS. sighhhhh

Its been a while since ive blogged and i have no idea what to write about. its so awkward like remember when you're on a very long holiday and then school starts and suddenly your hand feels retarded because you dont know how to write? yes, its like that right now.

A random thought,
What if i make a fanfic here? sounds cool. but im not good in writing stories. damnnnn but if i do, what and who will it be about ?

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